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Free Laptop from Google-Sign up for the Pilot Program for Chrome OS

Updated on May 22, 2011

CR-48 Chrome OS Notebook

UPDATE: The program is done accepting applications, but if you want to sign up for when they go on sale or if they decided to do any further testing, fill out the form HERE!

Its all black.

It has zero branding.

It runs Google's pre-beta Chrome OS.

Its free to businesses, schools, non-profits, developers, and individuals.

The hard part: "You must be chosen!".

Applications are open right now!

Lucky, hand selected participants have been receiving the CR-48 Notebooks for almost a month now (program announced on Dec. 7th 2010).


Do Not Wait!

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who "lives online", as Google puts it.

This could also be a very exciting opportunity for classroom teachers and schools to get their students some much needed technology hardware.

The whole Notebook is the Google Chrome browser and uses the Web Apps from Google Chrome's new "Web Store" as software.

It ships with Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, and Verizon has already signed on to provide the first 3G partnerships.

It ships with a built in webcam, and it reportedly has nearly eight days of standby battery life and up to eight hours of active use on a single charge. This is incredible!

The application is simple.

You will just need basic address information, check some boxes on recently used software and web apps, and fill in a 140 character limited desorption of why you would make a great pilot tester.

Apply Now!

Sweet Shipping Box Right!


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