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Software For Your PC Health

Updated on May 12, 2014

A Hacker's Worst Enemy - Comodo

This software completely guards your pc against nasty hackers, trojans, and that most annonying spyware. Keeps your PC security tight, and stops malicious bugs from infection on your computer. Great for advanced pc users as well as beginners. Listed in PC Magazine. It is not necessary to make any purchases it is a completely free download. Advance users may be interested in higher versions.

  • Comodo also offers a 3.0 version with these benefits:
  • Smart Alerts for popups
  • Security protection of your passwords, keeps you safe from I.D. theft
  • Keeps you safe from key-loggers
  • Smart Alerts the instant an intrusion makes an attempt

Comodo Firewall Pro


Removes unwanted stubborn files from your hard drive. Eraser has a General License for the public. This software is an advance security system for windows. Eraser is compatible with windows 95, 98, NT, XP, and Windows 2003. Here are just some of the items this free ware can delete for you.

  • Cookies from the internet
  • Temporary files
  • Files you never want any one to ever see or be able to recover
  • Permanently cleans your recycle bin

Magic Transfer

Freewares-Magic Transfer & Omziff

Magic Transfer - Don't be caught without the magic. This freeware is the answer for business owners with a network. Magic Tranfer is specially designed to work between PCs on a network. Magic Transfer's best feature is the ability to backup your configurations from one computer, and be transfered to another system on your network.

You have the freedom of having your office computer and your home computer on the same page at all times, keeping track of all changes you make on your PC.


Free program to keep all of your files secure. Removes spyware, adware, and has an awesome password generation program. You can also unzip the file on their website, and use the software.

Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor

This system is a bonaza for your pc, gives you all the critical updates your computer needs. Keeps your computer in top shape with security updates, and necessary application update information.

This free software system alerts you when you are running low on memory, and or disk space.


Mr. Fix It For Your PC

Great for targeting exactly what is wrong with your pc. If your computer is sickly already, this software will give you a detailed fix it report and get to the root of the problem.

If you just can't find the source of your computer problem currPorts will find it.

Fix it for free

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    9 years ago

    The Free Software Catalog has a great list of security and other types of software as well.