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Free energy Neal-Tesla Tank

Updated on December 9, 2015


I have been looking into energy producing and saving ideas at different times. Two that have caught my attention are the Neal tank and the Tesla turbine with his valvular conduit one way valve. Not very effective at low pressures. 100 PSI and above it becomes better at blocking the reverse pressure. In one direction the air resistance is small the in other the air splits in two and comes back together flowing in opposite directions attempting to cancel each other out.

Tesla's valvular conduit

Tesla's  valvular conduit
Tesla's valvular conduit | Source

Neal tank

The Neal tank uses the heat from air that is put there by the sun.
It sounds like a perpetual energy device but is not because the
sun is suppling the energy. When air is compressed it gives off
heat. This heat is used to run a Tesla type turbine. Tesla got the
idea from a water wheel device he saw in his younger years.

A water wheel near Tesla's home town

Water wheel
Water wheel | Source

How the Tesla Turbine Functions

The Tesla turbine is a bladeless centripetal flow turbine patented
by Nikola Tesla in 1913. It is referred to as a bladeless turbine.
It is also known as the boundary layer turbine because it uses the
boundary layer effect and not a fluid impinging upon the blades as
in a conventional turbine. Tesla called it adhesion: The attraction
of a fluid to a surface. And cohesion: The attraction of a fluid to
itself. As a motor the fluid comes in the outer edge and spirals
down to the outlet at the shaft. As a pump the fluid enters the shaft
area and spirals up the discs due to centrifugal force and out the
outer edge. The illustration is a motor. It can be reversed by switching the fluid to the other inlet pipe.

Inside the Tesla Turbine

How the Tesla works
How the Tesla works

Original Neal Tank

The original Neal tank developed by Bob Neal and patented in 1936
used pistons in the high pressure pump and power output air engine.
The Tesla is much simpler and requires less energy to oporate.
There was a problem with the discs warping and the machine fling
apart. Now we use carbon fiber discs to solve that.

The Original Neal Tank

Original Neal Tank
Original Neal Tank | Source

Bernoulli valve

The Neal tank also had a special one way valve that sucked in more
air then would otherwise be addmited. This is where the extra energy
comes from. This energy is used as the power output. Some of that
energy is used to drive the low pressure feed pump and the high
pressure pump for the special valves. When the high pressure hits
the valve it sucks in some low pressure air due to the Bernoulli

The Bernoulli Principle

Bernoulli Effect
Bernoulli Effect | Source

Hybrid Neal-Tesla

I propose to develop a hybrid of these various innovations and have
came up with the Neal-Tesla Tank design. It uses The standard Neal
design with Tesla type pumps and air turbine. The valves may be Neal
or Tesla valvulars pulsed via electronically controlled solenoid valves.

A Modern Disc Pump

Discflo pump
Discflo pump | Source

Some Other Applications

Tesla wanted to use his turbine in a geothermal application. The hot high pressure gases could run through the discs. This would destroy a regular bladed turbine. Or the hot gases could be run around a tank of water and the resulting steam used to power the turbine. A couple attempts where made at using it as an engine. The discs warped and it destroyed itself. Metallurgy has advanced since then and there is work being done to still make a reliable engine with few moving parts.

Geothermal Application

Tesla Turbine in Geothermal Application
Tesla Turbine in Geothermal Application | Source

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