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Free ms access tutorial for beginners

Updated on July 12, 2009

Overview of ms access

Microsoft Access is a window based relational database application that can run on a window based operating system like Windows xp. For one to understand ms access, one should have knowledge of window as the prerequisite of good understanding of ms access.

 Microsoft Access data objects includes

  1. Tables

MS access table is a collection of data about specific topic e.g. data about customers or product. Tables organize data into column (field) and rows (records). Ms Access table has got two views in which you can input your data namely

i) datasheet view and

Datasheet view in ms access gives you more flexibility to add, edit or modify the data itself, as compared to the design view which only has got two columns of field and data types and the respective rows

ii) design view

With the design view one has the capability to build or modify the structure of the table, this is where you specify what kind of data the table would hold e.g. Memo, text, number, date/time, currency, autonumber, yes/no, OLE Object, hyperlink

2. Forms

In ms access we use form to view and edit information in the database record by records. A form displays only the information you want to see in the way you want it. Also Microsoft access form uses familiar controls e.g. Text box, and check boxes normally used in windows

The form can also be colorful and distinctive as you’ve have control over the size and appearance of everything in it. You can also work with form in design view or form view

i) design view

In Microsoft Access we use design view to modify a structure of a form, you can add controls such as Text Boxes, options, graphs and pictures

ii) form view

It enables one to add, analyze the data itself record by record

3. Query

Refers to the question you ask about your data e.g. which orders are from customers from this particular place or who was the top sales person last quarter or what accounts are overdue. Access gathers the data and then answers your questions from one or more tables.

4. Reports

It enables one to view and print final summarized information. Reports in access displays only information you want in the way you want it. It can also group records in many levels and compute totals and average by checking values from many records at once. Report in ms access can also be displayed either in design and form view

5. Macro

Micro in Microsoft access can be defined as a set off actions with each actions performing specific task. We write macros to alternate common tasks and make work smarter which saves time

6. Modules

Modules are unit written with access basic language. We can write and use modules to automate and customize database in very sophisticated ways. Modules are powerful than macros and more complex


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