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FujiCell Rechargeable Battery - A Personal Review

Updated on April 5, 2013

I am not a professional photographer, but I love to take snaps when I g o out and for this purpose I own a small FujiFilm Finepix AV 14 MP camera. I always like to capture new places into my camera and share it through my social media networks. I had a pair of Camelion rechargeable batteries but due to its age, the batter had started under-performing since the last 3 months and even went off before taking 20-40 snaps. This made me really frustrated it was then I started thinking of purchasing a new battery for my camera.

I had a lot of confusion over which battery to purchase and my friends gave me different opinions. Finally I had to do a research myself and this time I took the help of internet where I searched for the best re-chargeable battery for cameras. A lot of brand popped up and I had to study and go through the reviews of each and every battery that I came across. Finally I got stuck with FujiCell 2800 mAh battery which had an overall positive review.

I soon went to, which was one of the reputed online store for shopping such items and I ordered 4 Fujicell batteries along with a battery charger. All cost me around Rs 700 and within 5 days the battery reached my office via parcel, thanks to an amazing online shopping service by Flipcart. I still had doubts in my mind whether this battery will perform as per the reviews I had seen in various online resources. Moreover I was about to go for a one day tour the very next day and I had great expectation about this battery.

As per the rule, I charged the 4 batteries for almost 6 hours using the new battery recharger and after around 5 hours the batteries got fully charged. The next day we started our tour using the fully charged Fujicell Battery and I took around more than 120 snaps along with some extra videos on my camera during the whole trip. But to my astonishment, the first pair of battery was still going on and even after coming home I took some more snaps. Still the battery did not show any sign of slowing down and however I decided to recharge them once again, even though there was no actual need for it.

At last I became convinced that my online shopping was worth it and was really happy to find out the new pair of batteries were really performing much better. Even my friends were amazed to hear about the performance of the batteries and some of them even ordered this battery online after hearing from me. It has been around 3 weeks since I have purchased them and they are going well as of now. I had to wait for 1-2 months before coming to a final conclusion about the performance of the FujiCell batteries. It has been almost 6 months since I purchased them and they are still performing at its best. As of now I am really satisfied with the overall performance of the newly purchased batteries.


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