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Fujifilm finepix z30 10mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom

Updated on July 16, 2011

Let’s face it; most people don’t possess a photographic eye to capture a picture that could put us in the category of Pulitzer Prize winning photographers like Eddie Adams or Ann Geddes.  Taking a good picture is just as much about good equipment as it is skill.

Taking the best picture means starting with the best camera.  If you are someone who’s just getting your feet wet in buying a digital camera, The Fujifilm Finepix z30 is a good basic start and may be the best camera for beginners.

This compact digital camera has a large easy to view 2.7” LCD display screen. Small, sturdy and slim, the body is curved on the corners and easy to grip. It comes in a lot of bright and playful colors that are certain to appeal to teenage girls. There is basic black for older, more serious users.

The Fujifilm Finepix z30 10mp digital camera might sound like a mouth full, but it will deliver photographs that will leave you speechless.

The z30 is a 10-megapixel camera that takes sharp, clear, good pictures. You may even be pleasantly surprised at the quality.

You can take a lot of pictures on this digital camera. There’s 50 megabytes of storage on the internal memory. If you do run out of storage space, you can add memory cards to expand it.

The Fujifilm z30 has a good battery life. You should be able to shoot well over 200 pictures before you’ll need to recharge.

There are a lot of different functions and features packed into this camera, you can choose to change scene modes, shoot color or just black and white, and choose a different setting for the image quality. There are so many options that it can start to feel like maize and get confusing at times.

Just like the Fujifilm finepix z20fd digital camera, the z30 has face detection. It identifies the faces in a shot and adjusts the focus and exposure using the faces. It can focus on 10 faces at a time. The face detection mode will also automatically remove “red-eye”.

Tz30 automatically resizes your pictures and video in a Blog Mode that makes it easier to post to sites like YouTube or Face book.

You can also take movies with this camera, though you won’t be rivaling Hollywood and shooting full length feature films. You can use the successive movie mode to create a 60 second movie. You can edit in the camera.

 The z30 marks Fujifilm’s first stab at a waterproof digital camera, so it’s a safe bet to bring along to the beach or party by the pool to catch all the action and not risk water damage.

Some users complain pictures come out a little dark. Using the Natural Light setting may help fix that problem. Others complain the features are too many and confusing.

Moneywise, the Fujifilm z30 will run somewhere between $129.99 and $150.00


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