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7 Fun Puzzles And Games For Your Kindle Device

Updated on June 12, 2011

Kindle makes reading so easy and convenient! With a well implemented e-ink technology and ergonomically friendly interface, this is one of the best Reading Devices yet. An entire library with thousands of books can be carried around in your bag with a total weight of 10 to 19 ounces. How great is that? While the Kindle device is not at all perfect, it is quite impressive.

At times you may not necessarily want to read anything, yet still wanting to do something on your Kindle. It's just like skimming through a newspaper, and resting on the Puzzles and Games section, where you have a variety of options with the likes of: Find-A-Word, Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles and the list goes on. There is something about these puzzles and games that gives someone a quiet type of fun. In the same way, you can play a number of these games on your Kindle. Although the Kindle is not designed with the platform for high graphics games, it is efficient enough to support the ones that a Reader would divert attention to.  This is a list of very inexpensive and highly rated games.

  1. Sudoku Volume 1: Interactive Sudoku Puzzles by MobileReference ~ Sharpen your mind by filling in the numbers 1 through to 9 throughout the 9 x 9 grid. Keep a tab on your progress, your wrong moves and see the solutions as well. Set your player level, and play on.
  2. Easy Crosswords for Kindle, Vol 1 by Puzux ~ This is a compilation of great interactive crossword puzzles for your pleasure. Save and return to your puzzle(s), and look at the complete solution if you desire.
  3. Tic Tac Toe by Jon Larimer ~ Play against your Kindle to get those three crosses or naughts in line.
  4. Remove-A-Pair Solitaire vol. 1 by Funostra ~ Enjoy a different version to the popular Solitaire card game.

  5. Word Scrambles Volume 1 by Joel Lehman ~ Enjoy hours of fun unscrambling words and increasing your speed from 600 word scrambles.

  6. The Towers of Hanoi Puzzle by Edouard Lucas ~ An interactive puzzle invented by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas.

  7. Word Morph Volume 1 - 5: transform the starting word one letter at a time until you spell the ending word by Leonid Braginsky ~ Enjoy an thought-provoking collection of word-games that are highly entertaining. Choose your level of expertise amongst 5 levels (from Novice to Expert) and play on without the need for wireless access.

Cool things about Kindle games are:

  • you can get a preview before purchasing.
  • you can download it via wireless cellular access.
  • they are cheap.

Note: When purchasing games take note that you may need to have wireless access for certain games.

Finally, here are a few benefits/advantages of having a couple games on your Kindle:

  • play while you wait on someone or something to be done eg. waiting on your car at your Dealers.
  • build vocabulary.
  • increase reasoning skills.
  • improve mental recall.
  • having quiet fun!


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    • profile image

      UNKNOWN 6 years ago

      I'm not sure.

    • profile image

      z123 6 years ago

      How do I by games? That is my question.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      Sure, But Kindle Games does not available in Canada right, I read how to hack that at but still can't get kindle games in canada.

    • theblackedition profile image

      Shane Brown-Daniels 8 years ago from USA

      It's great isn't it! My pleasure.

    • chirls profile image

      chirls 8 years ago from Indiana (for now)

      I love my Kindle, but I didn't know you could play games on it. Thanks for the information!