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Future of Dreaming: Record & Replay Dreams?

Updated on June 6, 2014

Wouldn't it be cool? Record Your Dreams.

*Fictional product with fictional information*

The DreamTV sleep mask look like an ordinary sleep mask. However, compressed inside is the most hi-tech, advanced and flexible circuit. The built-in technology used in DreamTV eye masks is similar to that of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Once an individual is in a dream state, the DreamTV sleep mask will activate and begin recording dreams by reading the neural patterns in the brain.

How does it work?

The built-in MRI-like scanner in the DreamTV is completely safe and although used in hospitals for medical diagnoses, the sleep mask can visually translate brainwaves into projected live dreams. The sleep mask foam is aerated to allow for airflow, which reduces heat and sweat. The DreamTV sleep mask is Bluetooth friendly and can be used to upload dreams on social media through its wireless Transporter sync. Charging the device is also wireless by using the Transporter sync.

The active sensors recording when in a dreaming state.
The active sensors recording when in a dreaming state. | Source
  • DreamTV Sleep Masks are Bluetooth friendly.
  • DreamTV uses its Transporter sync to upload dreams on social media as well as broadcast dreams to your TV and charge the device.
  • DreamTV Sleep Masks are compatible with any television. However, we recommend using our TVs as they enhance the experience.

DreamTV Sleep Mask Q&A

Q: What is a DreamTV Sleep Mask?
A: DreamTV Sleep Mask is a sleep mask that allows individuals to record, replay and broadcast their dreams on TV and share them on social media. The sleep mask has a foam exterior finish making it comfortable to wear. The built-in advanced technology will activate and begin recording the dreams by reading the neural patterns in the brain once an individual is in a dream state.

You could either keep your dreams private by watching them at the privacy of your own home or share them with

Q: Is DreamTV safe?
A: Yes. The built-in technology is backed up by extensive research from scientists in the iTechBorg Institute.

Q: What color options do the DreamTV Sleep Mask come in?
A: DreamTV Sleep Masks come in 5 colors: royal yellow, black, sky blue, persian red and cream.

Price and colors.
Price and colors.


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DreamTV Sleep Mask  
Customized DreamTV Sleep Mask Design  
DreamTV Sleep Mask w/ ear plugs  
$150 + $15 (any design you choose/upload)
$150 + $5
Customize your own.
Customize your own. | Source

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Where did the idea come from?

Ironically, I had a dream one night about me sitting down with my pals as I shared my dream on television. I don't quite remember what the dream (within my dream) was about but it had everyone laughing. As soon as I woke up, I grabbed my notebook and began to jot down some ideas. Of course, this is something too advanced and may seem absurd now but who knows...maybe in a couple years we'll be able to record our dreams and replay them. My expertise is nowhere near science but if we can somehow combine/concentrate technology found in MRI and x-ray and with extensive research, I don't see why this wouldn't be possible in the future.

After some research I found such technology is in the process and can already record brainwaves found when in a dream state, which translates your dreams to rapid images/symbols but what I'm talking about here is on a whole other level.

What do you think?

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    • forlanda profile image

      Juancho Forlanda 3 years ago from US of A

      If men can conceive of such a machine in their thoughts, then it's possible that some day it can become reality. Most of us are simply restricted by our limited minds that we can't see something like this becoming reality, but given time and research, I'm sure someone, like you will figure it out.

      Case in point...before the invention of radio transmission, people never thought we can communicate via the airwaves, until someone figured out that we can take a signal and modulate it within what's called a carrier signal (radio frequency) and shoot it out in the air through transmission antennas. Today every one talks on their cell phone with no thoughts about what it takes to transmit communications over the airwaves.