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G4 Moto Plus, new hope for motorola?

Updated on May 11, 2016

Just a few days ago we got the news that Lenovo is no longer among the top five manufacturers of smartphones. Already in 2014, Lenovo dropped from third to fifth place which has remained, with oscillations, to date. The purchase of Motorola could be a boost for the Chinese company but for now, pending the launch of the G series, nothing seems to be improved for Moto or Lenovo.

Nobody has any doubt that the G series of Motorola has been one of the most successful and beloved. In 2013 it became the best selling phone, awarded as the king of the average range phone for specifications and price. It's immediate successor, the Moto G 2014 knew to stay, but success seemed to give signs of exhaustion with the third generation. Although the Moto G (2015) came with very remarkable elements such as water resistance and a better camera, competition in market was already fierce, the revolution of the middle range had not begun and the last member of the generation G, had to compete with metal bodies, fingerprint sensors and other trifles.

Few months after it's launch, the official news came out that Motorola had been bought by Lenovo. Motorola's future was unknown and the words of the CEO of Lenovo, Chen Xudong, claiming that the mark sought to "move away midrange Motorola to focus on Vibe" were hardly reassuring.

Finally we got the Moto G (2016) . The fourth generation seems to include new elements that bring the most to the mid-range prevailing in the market. It seems that the Moto G (2016) has a more attractive design but still did not leave the plastic and the body is almost inadmissible in half plastic range.

Perhaps, knowing how difficult it is to compete today in the world of midrange smartphones, Lenovo has decided to launch two Moto G (2016) following the Chinese strategy of drawing two versions of the same model as we can see as Huawei and Xiaomi.

This second version is called G4 Moto Plus. It would be a larger phone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches which would include first fingerprint reader and have a much more premium design, yes, it seems that the plastic in this version also remains. The price shuffled would be about 277 euros.

If this device sees the light, it could be a good bet for Motorola / Lenovo to lift it's head, yes, as long as the fingerprint sensor and its diagonal screen perform good or better than the Moto G Turbo. If so, there is still hope for Motorola.

What do you think, you think Motorola / Lenovo can regain lost market this year 2016?


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