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GLOBAL TERRRORISM: Why Bin Laden is More Powerful Dead than Alive and How to Stop Terrorism Once and For All.

Updated on May 13, 2011

What Einstein Thought About World Problems

Einstein once quoted "World problems cannot be solved on the level at which they were created."

It was a statement that forever changed my life. Just now, I read about the results of the killing of Bin Laden, knowing that was the natural, logical thing that would happen as a result of U.S. actions.

Why was it a bad idea from the start?

The good part of infiltrating Bin Ladin's encampment was that we seized his computers. The bad thing is now that the U.S. has acted like a terrorist, our reputation has angered terrorists, who are now more likely to retaliate.

We COULD have done things with some common sense in mind. Being in the IT field for a long time, I know it is possible to have disarmed ANYONE from any part of the world at any time and any place, if a terrorist is using any sort of technology, and I am already working with people around the globe to accomplish this task.

Obviously, Bin Laden already knew what we in the U.S. have yet to discover about terrorism. Unfortunately, he conceived the whole tragedy of 9/11 in his mind before he implemented his plan. Rather than fight like the U.S. fights, he used his cunning mind to do an evil deed.

It is said in the BIble to be innocent as a dove, but wise as a snake. Good advise indeed. Say Bin Laden was the snake, with a legion of snake followers. Capturing one snake merely leaves us with a legion of angry snakes that have been ingrained from birth to believe that it is better to sacrifice themselves than to change their mind to "outside" opinions.

So how do we, the United States, be innocent as a dove and drive out the snakes?

First, we might want to consider the tools we already have in existence. The Internet is a global community. To counteract terrorism, we have to anticipate moves, much like anticipated moves in chess give one an advantage over any opponent. So for starters, we might want to think about all the possible tools ANY terrorist society might use next. That would be the defensive position.

The offensive position would be to back off a little, regroup, reorganize the Internet community. I have started my own Immunet community for this purpose, and am begging for millions or billions who want to join me, because when we are in the business of destroying our enemies, with weapons rather than with our wits, we are also destroying innocent children, some of our own citizens, our youth in the military, as well as reporters, etc.

My plan is to organize enough people through ethical practices to gather enough intelligence to bring criminals to justice without anyone else getting hurt along the way.

Did we bring Bin Laden to justice? He's dead, but sometimes the dead have a more powerful presence than the living. Just think of all the immortals who died but live on in our own minds...from political leaders Abraham Lincoln, to singers such as Elvis Presley:  in the hearts and minds of their followers, they are still alive. Bin Laden is now the "sacrificial lamb" in the minds of his followers, who are more loyal to him than citizens are to our own government.

Death was too good for Bin Laden. What would have made more sense would have been to surround him, via Technology that is freely available and doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, and disable his abiltiy to get supplies, send messages, or communicate with any outside help. Then, we should have worked on gathering more intelligence before making any moves.

We, the United States, do NOT have to become terrorists ourselves in order to disable terrorists. Crippling them until we catch a large majority of the snakes, whose number is not even known at this time, is a wiser plan.

If you'd like to join me using your mind and modern technology to cripple and eventually capture terrorists, please write me at:, the email address I am using to organize this project.

The above is strictly my opinion, my project, and is not backed by any governments, but long-term plans include involving all democratic nations that want to alleviate the suffering of innocents while holding the guilty accountable for their actions....I had planned to launch my plans later, after I had more partners, but am announcing them now, as the situation I just got on my news channel is SO critical that only by taking immediate action will we ever know the world as we knew it prior to today.

Most Sincerely,
Peggy Carpenter, Founder, Our Free


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