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GPS Devices: The Best GPS Navigation System For Your Car.

Updated on September 22, 2012

Why Use a GPS Device for Your Travels?

For those of us who are frequently updated with the various developments in GPS technology and devices, it becomes impossible to imagine why you wouldn't love to have your hands on one of the "high-end" top selling devices which are integrated with the most advanced technology.

However, there are still those of us who would rather spend 30 minutes to an hour referring to a world map, when in fact the same job can be achieved by simply glancing at your noble GPS device or "satellite navigation system." (SatNav)

Now you may have already considered how much time you could save by swapping out your immense scale maps, to a 5-10 inch screen, but your main concern might also be how much money you will have to invest to be able to purchase one of these devices. But let me ask you this...

Is the one off investment that you will have to pay for the GPS device, more expensive than wasting hours of your time on trying to use a map?

Once you put that into contemplation, you will notice that in reality, the $100-$200 that you might spend on purchasing a satellite navigation system, is more than worth the amount of hours of time you will save instead of using a map. Especially, as a modern day "mid-end" GPS device will be able to both find alternative routes to your specific destination, as well as inform you of updates which occur on the roads using "Bluetooth" technology with your Android or iPhone.

Smart Phone GPS Applications.

All credit for this image is attributed to the owner of this photo via.
All credit for this image is attributed to the owner of this photo via. | Source

The Technology Behind a GPS Device...

Whilst most people think the technology behind GPS devices is plain as black and white, the truth behind it is actually quite fascinating!

The fact of the matter is that there are 31 Global satellites orbiting the Earth, which pick up on the signals transmitted by the GPS and return back with information regarding the location of the device. Also, this information can be scientifically calculated into the speed, location and the estimated time for the user to reach their destination.

That is just the fundamentals of GPS systems...

The real magic is that it is now becoming available (through the use of applications on our "Smart phones") to be able to gather information on real-time traffic updates and blockages. In effect, this can be god-sent as it will give us the chance to re-route with our SatNavs, before we find ourselves caught in a never ending traffic jam.

What to Look Out For When Purchasing a GPS Device.

Obviously, you are going to want your GPS device to be able to inform you on your location, speed and all the possible routes to your specific destination.

Although, in the more modern models of "SatNavs" or GPS devices in general, you have the ability to get several cool and extremely useful features which will aid you on your journeys. These are what I'm referring to:

  • Updates on weather.
  • Updates for accidents on the road.
  • Speed cameras along your route.
  • Warnings of going above the speed limit on your route.

All of these will not only help you immensely on finding the most efficient way to get to your destination, but also saving your driver's licence if you... like to "enjoy yourself" a bit when driving on a 20MPH road. But keep in mind that these devices should not be used as a way to avoid the consequences of the law, and to be 100% certain that you won't be penalised on your driver's licence, I personally recommend that you continue to be cautious with your driving.

Another important factor regarding GPS devices and satellite navigation systems, is being certain that your particular model of car is compatible with all the features available with your GPS. To check for this, when purchasing your GPS you should check in the device's description that it doesn't have any compatibility issues with some models of cars. Otherwise, you could buy a perfectly decent GPS device, yet you are unable to utilise its most advanced features, due to the fact they are incompatible!

Best Price Range For a Modern GPS Device.

Even though prices of specific models of GPS technology do fluctuate from time to time, there are basic price ranges which you should look for when considering purchasing your SatNav.

  • Low level GPS - For the best low level GPS device you would be looking from a price range of $100 to around $160. However this is only for the best GPS device you can get for this price, and many other models will be much cheaper but with far less features.
  • Mid-level GPS - For the best mid-level GPS device, you are looking slightly higher at around $170 to $230. These will also contain many more features than the low-level GPS devices, but obviously not as many as the higher-end GPS devices. So if you are looking to have the full package in terms of having all the extra features, you should go for a high-end GPS device.
  • High-end GPS - At the very top of the market GPS devices, you will be looking at a price ranging in the $250 to $350 region. Although, with the amount of features and multiple extras which come integrated with these systems, investing slightly more for the "higher-end" models is without doubt worth every cent! (Or penny if you're British.)

From these pricing ranges, you should be able to get a good idea for which "level" you'll be investing into based on your overall budget and needs. Just remember, that these are recommendations for the prices you should be expecting to pay for each level of progressive enhancement, and not how much each model will actually cost.

A Great Over-Look Video of a Great GPS Device!

My Recommendation for The GPS Device YOU Should Purchase.

I had never really known about the company Garmin until I looked into buying one of their GPS systems, and I have honestly never been so delighted with their product that I've seen been advertised.

This model in particular is one from their "nĂ¼vi" series of SatNavs and GPS systems, and it comes with free lifetime maps, traffic updates and Bluetooth compatibilities!

Plus this is all for a very modest, no extra fees cost of $154.99 (on Amazon's current sale) which falls into the price range expected for a low-level model, when in fact this would easily be applicable to be a high-end model.

If there was ever a time to consider an investment into a great GPS device, it would be now and quite honestly have to recommend this one simply due to it's range of features, ease of use and of course fantastic price!

Typical price = $350.00

Current price = $154.95

GPS Pricing Poll.

How Much Are you Willing to Invest for a Great New GPS Device?

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