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Garmin Nuvi 705 Series with Lane Assist Technology

Updated on July 11, 2014

705 series all have Lane Assist and includes - Nuvi 755T, 765T, 775T and 785T

Lane Assist has got to be one of the best features found on specific Garmin Nuvi GPS devices. How many times have you been driving on a multilane highway and miss your exit because it was on the opposite side from where you were driving? Not all exits are to the right hand side of the highway so you may have to cross several lanes of traffic to get to the left hand side. Then there are those exits that are more a split in the road and there is no opportunity to zip to the correct lane. Right on the display you will see realistic road signs with arrows showing you exactly how to navigate the exit.

Garmin nüvi 755T 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator
Garmin nüvi 755T 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

The Garmin Nuvi 705 series include this vital feature. The series include the 755T, the 765T, the 775T and the 785T.

Garmin Nuvi 755T –

  • Lane Assist
  • Built in Bluetooth and microphone for truly hands free calling
  • Included in the price – integrated FM traffic alerts and with a single touch you see alternate routes around trouble areas
  • Never loose your car again. When you remove it from the car it remembers where you parked.

Garmin Nuvi 765T –

  • All features of the 755T plus more
  • Voice tells you Turn-by-Turn directions including the street names
  • If you have multiple stops to make you can plan ahead for up to 10 of those destinations

Garmin Nuvi 775T –

  • All features of the 755T and the 765T plus more
  • Includes not only the Preloaded City Navigator NT North America Maps this Nuvi includes Trans Atlantic Maps for Europe.

Garmin Nuvi 785T –

  • All features of the 755Tand the 765T plus more
  • Includes a free trial and the ability to utilize the MSN Direct content. MSN Direct will give you real-time features that include local information such as weather, traffic, gas prices, local events including movie times

What is Lane Assist?


I have not mentioned that the Nuvi 705 series also includes the features similar to other Garmin Nuvi GPS units. You will have another MP3 player; you will have an unbelievable number of Points of Interest (POI); your photos will have another home where they can be shared; the features are rounded out by a calculator, currency converter, an SD card slot and an anti-theft feature.

You can see that the Garmin Nuvi 705 series is much like other Nuvi series but the Lane Assist sets it apart. I remember a specific trip to an Iowa airport. There were no landmarks – all looked the same to me – field after field after field. I stopped at a little corner station and was told that the interstate was a few mile ahead and to take the west entrance. That was great except once I was back on the road I did not know which way West was. I sweated it out for over half an hour until I was sure that I had taken the correct entrance. I made my flight on time but this story could have turned out so differently.


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    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      On my opinion garmin have the best GPS devices on market! I just love them!

    • profile image

      j.d 8 years ago

      how to put mp3 on gps garmin nuvi 705