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Navigon 8100T 4.8-Inch Touchscreen and Free Traffic Alerts

Updated on September 3, 2013

Travel with Confidence and avoid the Delays

GPS navigation is now much more common than just a few years ago. That is a good thing for those of us that appreciate the guidance offered from a free satellite service, not to mention the convenience. The down side – if you want to call it that – is the reasonably priced multiple choices available. Some units are small and some are larger. Typically you will encounter a Touchscreen varying from 3.5 inches to over 5 inches. On board pre-loaded maps will most likely provide maps to most anywhere you need to go – state to state or just across town. A GPS can assist you in an emergency as well as helping you find a great restaurant.

In the beginning 3.5 inch Touchscreens were the most common. As the wide screen models emerged they have been favored my most users. Now enters the Navigon 8100T which offers a 4.8 inch Touchscreen. More visual real estate makes driving and navigating easier. In addition to the 4.8 inch Touchscreen the 8100T provides text-to-speech which speaks turn by turn directions including street names instead of merely telling to which direction to turn. Menus are easy to read and the predictive text speeds up address entries. Of course if you prefer you can simply speak the address one field at a time and the Navigon 8100T will enter the address for you.

Bluetooth connection provides hands-free cell phone calling (cell phone must be paired with the GPS). In some states that may be a handy option while in other states it is a must-have. It is much safer to communicate hands-free and could save you from a crash.

Free traffic alerts for life is an amazing feature. Free as in – no subscription required. All updates are free as well. In more than 80 cities across US and Canada the free traffic alert feature will route you around accidents and road construction. For your information color coded routes tell you what the problem is and where it is. If you prefer just make one click and you will be routed around the problem. Remember – most other GPS traffic alerts are subscription based – however the Navigon 8100T has this feature included for free for life.

Do you have a heavy foot while driving? If so, the 8100T recognizes speed limits and warns you if you exceed them.

3D views improve the instant recognition of your location - much like looking at a photograph. Road signs are realistic as well as highway entrance and exit roads. Lane Assist Pro works right along with the 3D view. You will know ahead of time which lane you need to be in to make the next exit or merge.

Driving during the day or night gives you unique challenges. During the day the sunshine can make reading a screen difficult and at night the screen may be too bright. The 8100T eliminates this issue by providing automatic screen adjustments according to the time of day or night.

When in need of a place to eat or fill up with gas along your route you will not only enjoy the convenience of thousands of POIs (points of interest) but you can feel comfortable with your choice due to the ZAGAT ratings and reviews of more than tens of thousands of locations. Reviews are from real people.

If additional maps are necessary they can easily be added by inserting a preloaded SD memory card or by attaching the Navigon 8100T to you PC via a 2.0 USB port.

If you are ready to take a drive anywhere in the US or Canada the Navigon 8100T is ready to guide you along the way. Speak your destination or type it in. Pair it with your cell phone via Bluetooth and talk hands-free. Avoid traffic delays with the free traffic alerts and choose just the right restaurant per the best review. Always be in the correct lane to make your next exit and feel confident with the familiar 3D view of your surroundings.


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