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Track Pets, Hunting Dogs, Outdoor Activities and Everyday Items

Updated on August 18, 2013

GPS is Great for Travel but GPS can also be Great for Tracking

GPS devices have changed our world and the way we experience it. I admit to being map challenged but I can travel anywhere without losing my way with a GPS. I even use my GPS to find local addresses. Time is limited most days and getting lost for half an hour is not an option. Three different delivery drivers have asked me for directions within the past week - why don't they use a GPS?

A GPS talks you through complicated turns, they guide you directly to your destination, they offer up a list of restaurants and fast foods along the way. Entertainment and emergency stops along the way are just a touch away. The fewer stresses experienced while traveling makes for a more enjoyable trip.

You may be totally aware of GPS devices and what they can do for you - but are you aware that your pet can have a safer and more enjoyable trip with GPS Dog Tracking devices? In the past there were services that could track your pet for a monthly fee - now you can track your pet with no monthly fee.

Garmin is known for their GPS devices. There are multiple versions that offer various features. The Astro 220 Dog Tacking GPS Bundle is a great example of a top of the line GPS device that does double duty. It provides handheld outdoors and off-road directions for hikers and climbers. Downloadable TOPO maps are available for hikers and the Barometric altimeter provides elevation information for climbers.

Garmin Astro 220 and DC40 Collar Pet Tracking System - Hunting Dogs and Pets Alike Tracked up to 7 Miles

The Garmin Astro 220 also functions as a dog tracking system. A ruggedized all-weather polyurethane dog collar measuring 1 inch wide and in a bright orange easy to see color is included in the bundle. The GPS receiver (other receivers will typically fit this collar as well) and the VHF antenna slips onto the collar. Using the DC40 Collar is easy and only requires a short time to start receiving your dog's position in 5 second intervals.

A specific page on the Astro 220 Handheld can give you specific information about your dog including where it is and what it is doing. If you have multiple dogs that you want to track - remember that the Astro 220 can track up to 10 dogs at once. This is very helpful information for hunters since it will show if the dog is running, sitting still, treeing or if it is on point. An alarm will also sound once the dog is on point. An integrated compass will also point in the direction of your dog's location.

Depending on the terrain the dogs can be tracked from an astonishing 7 miles away. (I would suggest testing the Astro 220 in advance to see what the range will be in your area.) If your dogs are not hunting dogs and you just want to keep track of their location the Astro 220 and the DC40 Collar is an excellent choice. Let your pets stretch and run around without worry while traveling across the country our while visiting the local dog park.

Getting back to your vehicle, lodge or hotel is easy since you can enter multiple way points.

Although both the Astro 220 Handheld GPS and the DC40 Dog Collar GPS Receiver can be purchased separately, the price is typically better when purchased together as a bundled offer. Separate Collars and antennas are available to use with the Astro 200 Handheld Garmin GPS device.

A less costly way to track your pets is the RoamEO Pet Monitoring System

The RoamEO Pet Monitoring System also includes a handheld monitoring device and a dog collar that includes a receiver. There are no monitoring fees or extra monthly expenses needed and everything works right out of the box. The RoamEO operates via a patented combination of satellite and radio signals.

The RoamEO has a 500 acre range - again the terrain needs to be taken into consideration. If there are dense areas of trees and brush, fences and buildings the range may be less.

The RoamEO Pet Monitoring Collar automatically turns on as the collar is attached to your pet so there is no additional steps to remember. Once the RoamEO device is switched on and the collar is attached to your pet the system is working. This is helpful when traveling or near to home because anything that takes a lot of time will probably not be used past the first couple of weeks.

Loc8tor Pet Tracking System - Less Range but also works with Cats

Ever worried that your pet may bolt when frightened or wonder off while you are not watching? The Loc8tor Ultimate Wireless Pet Locator is a reasonably priced device that is designed to give you piece of mind close to home, in the home or maybe in a park situation.

The Loc8tor can be set with a predetermined distance and will notify you when your pet travels past that distance. You can press a button on the tiny handheld device (size of a credit card) and it will immediately give you the location of a pet wearing the tiny tag (weighs only 5 grams and can attach to a pet's collar) as long as you are within range. Have you ever hunted for a small pet that crawls under beds and back inside closets? Enough said.

Locating your pet can be accomplished outdoors, indoors, in daylight or in the dark and will track to within 1 inch of your pet's location.

The Loc8tor can also be used for non-pet items. How about your car keys, purse or remote control?


We have enough to worry about. Keeping our pets from harm is at the top of our list. Recreation should be stress-free and now your pets can be a huge part of having a great time without worrying about their safety. Saving our precious time is also high on our list and hunting for lost pets or things is not a productive way to spend our time.

Tracking devices provides us ways to improve our lifestyles and there is probably at least one that fits you, your family and your pets perfectly.


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