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Rubik's Revolution not your parents Cube

Updated on July 22, 2013

The Rubik’s Revolution is a low cost yet very exciting hand held electronic game that can hold the attention of children as well as adults that act like children. There is no limit on competition, sounds or imagination.

When you see Rubik’s do you think of the Cube? If so, you date yourself to the eighties. The Cube was everywhere and it had a huge fan following. The Rubik’s Cube was not an electronic gadget but it electrified a crowd when someone was actually able to figure it out. Those that could not figure out how to solve the “puzzle” were either left to admit that they could not do it or they just moved the colored stickers to make it look like they had conquered it. Is that like cheating at Solitaire?

Techno Source Rubik's Revolution
Techno Source Rubik's Revolution

Unlike the Rubik’s Cube of yesterday - the Rubik’s Revolution is six games in one. Each game is based on lights that flash on or off on each side of the cube (hence the six games). There are no moving pieces but moving the entire cube is the idea of the games.


Game one – Light Speed challenges you ability to turn the lights off as quickly as they come on. You are rewarded according to the speed you achieve.

Game two – Rapid Recharge requires you to light up the entire cube before any of the lights can fade out. Again speed is the object of the game.

Game three – Pattern Panic is a test of your memory. The Rubik’s Revolution shows you a pattern of light flashes and you have to repeat the pattern in order to win. The better you get the harder the sequences become.

Game Four – Code Cracker flashes a color sequence and requires you to repeat it as fast as you can. Once you get it right the level increases and the game gets more difficult.

Game Five – Cube Catcher wants you to turn off as many lights as you can while racing against time.

Game six – Multiplayer Madness is a group game. In a given length of time each player has to turn off as many lights as possible. Players are eliminated as they fail to complete the task. The Revolution is passed to other players until one is left – they win.

If you want to pick up where you left off with the original Rubik’s Cube this game is not for you. If you want to try something new with the new re-purposed Rubik’s Revolution then knock yourself out. It is a fast paced game that requires good hand –eye coordination that can really get a crowd roaring.


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