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X-Large Calculator

Updated on July 22, 2013

Does Size Matter

In a world of “smaller is better” it is humorous to see a gadget that is extremely large. The X-Large Jumbo Calculator brings giggles from most anyone that sees it. Does it work like an ordinary calculator? .

· There are digit keys ranging from 0 to 9

· There is a Percent key

· There are Clear-Correction keys

· There are Function keys – add, subtract, multiply and divide

· The display pops up or lays flat depending on personal preference.

Yes, it does. Keys that you would expect to see on any calculator are the off and on keys, function keys and digit keys – all of which are on the X-Large Calculator

This Calculator is as large as a sheet of notebook paper!
This Calculator is as large as a sheet of notebook paper!

Who Uses an X-Large Calculator

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are easy with buttons so large that even someone with failing eyesight can operate it without reading glasses. The keys are black with white lettering set within a silver tone body. The contrast of colors is great for easy reading.

Children can use the X-Large Calculator with their stubby fingers. Adult fingers – whether large or stiff can easily push individual keys without accidently pushing the key next to it. The hunt and peck style was made for this calculator.

Why would you need a calculator that measures 8 1/4” x 11 5/8” x .5”?

· You cannot see the keys of a small calculator

· You enjoy shocking people when they walk up to your desk

· You need a great gag gift for the next company party


When the Price is Right

Most gadgets will set you back a substantial amount of change but the X-Large Calculator is relatively cheap. Even if you have no compelling need at the moment the novelty of it tempts you to think of all of the people on your gift list. I can think of at least three family members that could really use an over-sized calculator – for real.

I may pick one up as a wall ornament that actually works. It would look pretty cool hanging next to my desk and it would be handy for some quick ciphering. 


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