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Gadgets: Back In A Flash Automatic Backup Restores Crashed Computer

Updated on March 15, 2011

Do you back up your computer files? The answer to this question is unfortunately overwhelmingly “NO”. Even though many people say, “I do not have any files worth backing up”, that is not really true. There are always photos, data or receipts that cannot be replaced once lost. Just because your computer has not had a problem yet does not mean that it won’t in the future. It is not a matter of if a computer will crash someday – it is a matter of when.

A computer is like any junk drawer. There are files scattered throughout – often they do not have anything to do with each other. There is no organization and eventually you will forget what you have. How can you back up files that you are not even aware of? Would you know how to find the files on your computer and would you take the time to sort them out in order to back them up? Unless you are really interested in the process – chances are you probably will not.

  • What type of backup drive should you use?
  • Do you need a special device?
  • How big does it have to be?
  • How do you get the files onto the backup drive?

All of those are questions that I have heard multiple times. People want to backup their files; I believe that they just do not know how. They are afraid of the time it takes and the cost that they will incur. If you are one of these people please believe that it does not take a lot of time and the cost can be very minimal.

I have written before about automatic USB backup drives that will find your files and back them up for you. Simply plug them in and they do all of the work. I am still extremely excited about those drives, but I have found an alternative that may suit some of you even better.

The Back In A Flash automatic back up drive looks like an ordinary flash drive. Some of you may know them as thumb drives, USB drives or jump drives. They are about the length of a stick of gum but thicker. This is a special flash drive however because it has pre-installed software that does the work for you. Just plug it in a vacant USB port, let it install its software on your computer (desktop or laptop), and it will find and backup up your files. You will only need to click one time unless you want to further customize the back up.

Sounds pretty ordinary but the technology does not end there. If your computer’s hard drive crashes you will have the ability to boot your computer and retrieve your backed up files. You heard me right. The Back In A Flash drive has its own operating system (OS) installed on it. Word documents, Excel files and PowerPoint Presentations can be opened and edited from the drive itself so anyone that travels and that depends on their computer would especially benefit from this product.

  • Turn your computer off
  • Insert the Back In A Flash drive into a vacant USB port
  • Turn on your computer and start pressing F2 (boot) until you see a screen that gives you the option to boot your computer from USB device. Click it.
  • Follow the onscreen directions

There are 5 options to choose from - 3.5GB, 7.5GB, 15.5GB, 31.5GB and 63.5GB. The price will start at about $60.00 for the 3.5GB version and the 63.5GB version will cost approximately $280. Unless you have over 360 digital photos, 160 songs, 30 2-minute videos as well as your data files the 3.5GB will work for you.



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