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Gadgets: Discgear CD and DVD Storage System All-In-One Solution

Updated on August 28, 2011


CD and DVD discs are the new disorganized mess in many homes. Strange racks, shelves, boxes and just about any other surface in most homes hold stacks of both bare CDs and DVDs and those that still have their cases. Some are games, some are movies, some are photo albums and then there are those that we have no idea what they have on them.

A scratched CD or DVD is basically useless. We know that, yet we take the chance that they will be scratched because it is just too much trouble to keep them protected. I understand your dilemma. Is it best to keep them in their cases? Is it best to keep them in an album? Heck – it is easiest to keep them in a stack near the computer or television.

I have spent untold dollars on pretty boxes and cases to keep my CDs and DVDs in. I have installed a wire rack inside of a closet door to hold them while housed in their cases. Unfortunately none of my efforts have been that effective. How have your efforts worked out?

If you must have a disorganized mess cluttering up your desk or entertainment center a better answer would be to make copies of those CDs and DVDs and keep the originals inside of a case that protects them while making it easy to find the exact one you need at any given time.

Sometimes I see good solutions to problems and at first I dismiss them as overkill. The Discgear Disc Storage System is one of those solutions. These Disc Storage Boxes hold 100 CDs and DVDs. I do not have that many and it seemed as though one of these boxes would take up more space than ever. However, what would be a better way to keep every CD and DVD in one place and have them organized to boot? How great would it be to alleviate the need to hide them away when company comes?

The Discgear Selector 100-Disc HD Disc Storage System is a box specifically designed to hold CD and DVD discs. There is a built-in list of each and every disc contained in the box. You have control over how you organize your collection and you keep it straight by recording each one on the list. Each slot has a corresponding line on the list. You pull the list forward and slide the tab to the CD you want and open the lid of the box. There is a mechanism in the lid safely grabs the CD or DVD and as the lid is raised so is the disc.

It really is a simple yet ingenious system. The box is attractive and it keeps your CDs and DVDs organized and safe. Even the kids (old enough to read) can use it. I guess you could use pictures for the little ones too young to read. We all know that they already know how to work the electronics so what makes us think that they could not use a simple box.


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    • profile image

      TJ 7 years ago

      We had these at work, and were great. Of course we didn't use the labeling system, but you get used to where they are. At home, we use some DVD storage albums, and they work well too.

    • SoManyPaths profile image

      SoManyPaths 9 years ago from West Coast USA

      I agree with "It really is a simple yet ingenious system". I kind of do that for software files. I need to do it more often and get one of those.