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Infrared Thermometers use Laser to Pinpoint Hotspots

Updated on April 8, 2014

Hot spots or cool spots can be measured by simply pointing the laser at the surface and triggering the digital display

Measuring surface temperature is critical at times. It is not always practical to touch a hot surface just to see if it is too hot to touch. Isn’t that what we tell kids?

The fun way to test a surface’s temperature is by using an infrared thermometer. If you have never used one of these gadgets you really need to. You simply aim the gun-like device at a surface and pull the trigger. The temperature will be displayed on the digital display. The laser pinpoints the area to be measured and is accurate within two percent.

What are some of the reasons you need an infrared thermometer? Your imagination is the only limit. The reasons do not have to be serious - sometimes you just want to know – you know?

Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Laser Sight Digital Pyrometer, Automotive Diagnostic Equipment, Temperature Max. 968°F (520°C)
Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Laser Sight Digital Pyrometer, Automotive Diagnostic Equipment, Temperature Max. 968°F (520°C)
  • Water – whether cooking or bathing (think about a baby’s bath)
  • Soil – planting in too cold or too hot conditions could affect growth of plants and grass.
  • Engine – safety is important so do not remove a pressurized cap when it is still too hot.
  • Attic – is too much hot air being trapped above your ceiling?
  • Vehicle - confirms that it is too hot or too cool to leave your laptop inside. (Don't even think about leaving your child or pet regardless)
  • Windows and doors - are you loosing heating or cooling? How does the area compare to rest of the room?

I was introduced to an infrared thermometer through my business. When equipment is not functioning correctly it is often due to temperatures that are outside of the desired range. Pipes that measure too hot or too cool can be a sign that something is not operating as well as it should be.

I do want to remind you that laser pointers can be dangerous. Never use one of these devices around anyone’s face because serious eye damage could occur. Stick with non-human sources.

If you promise to be careful I will suggest that you get one of these gadgets. There are numerous models so just do an Internet search for an infrared thermometer or non-touch digital laser thermometer. Most of them will probably be priced in the range of $50 - $100. Not exactly a kid's toy but more like a big boy's (or girl's) toy.


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