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Just Mobile Xtand Holds iPhone 3GS for Easy Viewing

Updated on July 22, 2013

The iPhone does a great job of offering features that appeal to a huge slice of the population World Wide. While doing so the iPhone 3GS as well as its predecessors, offer many options that may never be used by most owners. We all have our favorite iPhone features and chances are these few features are why we bought these expensive cell phones in the first place.

Do You Watch a Video on Your iPhone?

The question is – would you delve further into the offerings of your iPhone if there were an easier way to use it in a stationary situation? I am sure that you know what I mean – watching YouTube and home grown videos takes up a lot of time. Like most of us you probably have other tasks to accomplish and you need your hands to do them.

Have You Had Close Calls with Your iPhone?

Laying the iPhone on a desktop works but you could cause neck strain trying to see it – and it would ruin your day if it got knocked off onto the floor by a shifting pile of papers. The great design of the iPhone does not lend itself to it leaning against an object. Even with props, chances are it would end up laying flat on its back.


There is a Better Way to Watch Video on Your iPhone

The Just Mobile Xtand Rotatable Holder is an iPhone accessory that looks as great as the iPhone. Constructed from a solid piece of aluminum the Xtand securely holds your iPhone. It allows you to angle your iPhone in just about any direction since it can rotate 360 degrees.

Cable management is another good idea put forth by the designers of the Xtand iPhone Holder. At some point and time it will be necessary to attach the charging cable to your iPhone. A hole in the neck of the Xtand accommodates the charging cable – keeping it out of the way while you watch your video.

The iPhone is obviously heavy enough to tilt forward while being front and center on the Xtand. However, if the Xtand is placed in a secure area where the cable or the Xtand will not get bumped there should not be an issue. When touching the iPhone it would be a wise idea to hold the entire unit steady with your other hand.


Why Would You Want or Need an Xtand for Your iPhone?

Not only will the Xtand increase your hands free options for using your iPhone – it will also increase your comfort while watching videos.

The Xtand looks good and makes the iPhone look like a tiny computer monitor. Yes, this is a shallow reason to have an Xtand but it is a good enough reason to make me want one.


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