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LED Finger Lights for Fun and Safety

Updated on July 9, 2014

Finger Lights are fun for kids at play, useful to keep track of pets in the dark and a safety gadget for anyone running or walking after the sun goes down – or before it comes up in the morning. They are a simple idea yet they solve so many problems.

How to Use Finger Lights?

Finger Lights fit on fingers, pet collars, belts or just about anything that the hook and loop strap can fit around. A simple push button turns the Finger Lights on and off. The LED lights burn bright white but give off a colorful glow due to the plastic casing.

Why do Kids Love LED Finger Lights?

What kid does not like running around in the dark while swirling around a flashlight? Imagine how much fun they would have with multiple lights. You could be treated to a light show.

The giggles break out when streaks of light split the dark. A ghostly glow surrounds their face as the light is aimed at their chin. Virtual writing in mid-air as they swing their arms wildly is reminiscent to sparklers without the hot sparks.

Kids would probably not think about LED Finger Lights keeping them safe while Trick or Treating Halloween night – but you would.

Keep Track of Your Pets after Dark

Dog walking does not have a set time of day or night. When a dog has to go – you better take them out. Whether on a leash or not it is hard to keep an excited pet in your sights. They can quickly dash under a bush or around a dark corner.

Strap a Finger Light around their collar and the problem is solved. The snug light weight fit does not deter your pet from doing their business. The Finger Light does give you piece of mind and will probably shorten the length of time you spend searching for them. Even more important – drivers will see your pet in the event they head towards the street.

Walkers and Joggers Need to See and be Seen

As a jogger I can tell you that one thing I do not want is something else to carry. I can also tell you that I worry about others seeing me after dark. My Nike running shoes have reflectors but they are down at my feet. Bright LED lights at my fingertips could only help. Actually strapping one to my watch would probably work even better.

Unlimited Uses for LED Finger Lights

It is OK if you come up with multiple ways to use Finger Lights. It is OK if you have multiple kids or pets to share them with. Finger Lights are cheap (even the batteries are included) and the bright light lasts for a long time.

LED Finger Lights would be fun at a party. Make up games or challenge each other to come up with the best light show routine.

How about keeping a Finger Light tucked in the corner of a drawer. Finding socks in the dark would be easier that way.

Strap one around the handle of your bag. Finding keys in the dark crevices at the bottom of a purse or messenger bag can be frustrating.

Keep a Finger Light in the glove compartment of your car. No need to wake up the kids by turning on the dome light.

How would you use a Finger Lights?


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