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No Guilt Eco Friendly Energy Savers

Updated on April 12, 2015

We are all trying to save energy everywhere possible. Whether you are worried about Global Warming or whether you just want to save some money there are hundreds of gadgets for sale that can help. Of course I do not have the room or the time to show you all of them so I picked out the ones that peaked my interest. Read on and you will see bags that can charge your gadgets, a no-energy way to dry your wet clothes inside, a way to measure your energy usage and predict your savings, a new way to mow the grass, an unexpected way to dispose of your food trimmings and a data backup drive that takes care of its own needs. Enjoy!

Solar Powered Bags

Some think that a bag is just a bag. That is so wrong. Specific occasions often call for a specific bag. I call my purse a bag.

I carry my purse/bag daily. In addition my roller suitcase carries my paperwork and comes in handy when I have a lot of mail and when I want to have a few of my electronic gadgets with me.

Charging cables have to be carried because either I have run the batteries down by using my gadgets or the batteries have drained due to non-use. It is agitating when I want to use my UMPC (ultra Portable PC) and the batteries are down. Even so I do not want to clutter my bag with cables and cords.

There are bags that take care of this issue. Instead of carrying cables the bag itself becomes a battery charger. Inside the bag there is a compartment that contains cables and a set of plugs that correspond with many typical gadgets that people carry around. Cell phones, MP3 players and laptops.

It is important to remember that laptops require more battery power than smaller gadgets. All bags are not created equal so choose the right bag for your purposes. Examples are shown here. The Voltaic Generator (not shown in this hub) is about the only one that I have read about that is powerful enough to charge a laptop. However, you can plug one of the other bags (pictured in this hub) to a car charger and it will charge a laptop.

I jog daily and I do not put my Lycra clothes in a dryer. The same would go for a wet bathing suit if I were lucky enough to have a pool in my backyard. Since there is no room in my home to install a permanent clothesline I found this one. I have several places that I could use a retractable clothesline.


Retractable Clothesline

Electric or gas dryers are great appliances and I would hate to live in a home without one. There are times however that a simple clothesline would be handy to have.

Plug in and Monitor


We all have to use electricity. Our appliances and our gadgets refuse to operate without it. There are ways to lessen the load on the system. We are people that enjoy the ability to gauge our progress.

Push Mower - People power not gas power

My grandfather had a shed in his backyard. That shed held a wealth of things that he collected and that I loved to play with. Some things were not toys but I remember struggling to make them work. One of those things was a very heavy and slightly rusty lawn mower. 

It was made to cut grass with the sheer strength of a human being. The wooden handle caused more than a few splinters in my hands but I did what I could to push the steel wheels across the yard so that I could watch the cutting wheel nip off the top of the grass. I even remember the sound it made when cutting the grass.

Now I have the chance to relive some of that fun without the splinters. These old-fashioned hand powered lawn mowers are back in vogue. Not a drop of gasoline is burned and you get exercise to boot. Try it – you might like it.

Compost inside with style

Composting conjures up thoughts of recycling and bugs. I have had compost piles outside and as long as I was diligent it worked out well. Needless to say I was not always diligent and my husband nixed the project. But now I may have to try it again. I like the look of stainless steel (like) gadgets and this one would probably fit right into my kitchen.

Adjusts its own power consumption acording to its needs
Adjusts its own power consumption acording to its needs

Backing up data is worth small energy usage


Backing up data is a must for me. I have been known to be annoying while nagging friends and family to back up their data as well. If you are feeling guilty about having one more gadget plugged and using energy – this external backup device may be one that you can live with. It actually determines how much power it needs and adjusts accordingly. It can save up to 75 percent more energy than similar gadgets.


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