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Pet Jet Washer Single Handed System to Bath Your Pet

Updated on April 13, 2014

Our pets are our companions, family and some are like children – even if they smell. Of course a good bath improves the situation but sometimes it is easier to deal with the odor than to deal with the mess. Wet dogs always shake off the water and shampoo before you are ready and there just never seems to be enough space or hands to get the job done.

Fiends of mine take their little pooch to be groomed on a monthly basis. “Lucky” lives in the house but his shedding drives his humans to desperation and they are willing to pay the $45 for the short lived relief. He smells good for a few days and the shedding improves but they yearn for a solution for the other three weeks.


Bath your pet using one hand to hold and the other to bath

My late “Runner” was a large chocolate lab. He lived outside and he was all male. He rolled in the dirt (or mud), he chewed old bones, he ate grass (thinking that he was helping me mow), and although he did not like to get wet – he would play in the rain sometimes. My husband took him fishing and when they returned he would smell like fishy water. I loved him but I did not love the smell of wet dog.

Recently I found the Pet Jet Washer which is a gadget that lets you bath your dog using one hand to hold and the other hand to wash. Imagine having the water and shampoo available at the same time. Imagine being able to soak your pet down, apply the shampoo and rinse all with one hand. Not only that but you can control all three actions separately. Squeeze the Pet Jet Washer for water and press a button for shampoo. Another button locks the sprayer in action so not squeezing is necessary.

The Pet Jet Washer is basically a handle that attaches to a faucet via its 8 foot hose. It has a reservoir to hold enough shampoo or multiple baths. Quick connectors give you the choice to administer the bath either inside or outside.

If you are left alone to bath the dog at least it can be an easier job than before. Once you finish and you let them go however, it is up to you to get out of the way unless you want a quick shower yourself.


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