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TeleZapper TZ900 Blocks Annoying Telemarketer Calls

Updated on June 1, 2014

You are trying to put the baby down for a nap. You are sitting down to dinner with your family after a busy day. Your employees are interrupted with robo calls on the telephone. Time after time we run to pick up the telephone only to hear silence and then a recorded message. Telemarketers do not have to know your phone number because their computer dials until it hits upon a working telephone number – many times it is yours.

Even when you add your telephone number to a “no-call-list” it seems that many times the calls come through anyway. Is there anything that you can do? For a long time I thought like you do. I felt that all I could do was just not answer my telephone, especially during certain times of the day. After a while I unplugged my telephone on a permanent basis because each time I went to bed by 9:00 PM I was awakened by a telemarketer call 

This video gives you even more options to control your phone calls

The TeleZapper TZ900 is a small gadget that can do a huge job. Regardless how many telephones and answering machines there is on a single telephone line the TeleZapper can block the computer generated calls that you receive.

How does it work? Really it is pretty simple. Computer generated calls have one purpose – to find a telephone that a human will answer. A disconnected telephone will give off a tone that tells the computer generating the call that the number is not a working number. That is it. Once the computer thinks that the number just dialed is no good it will move onto the next number. The telemarketer will most likely remove your phone number from its call list at that point.

The TeleZapper TZ900 is a small device that attaches between the telephone jack and the telephone cable. It is battery operated so there are no huge brick blocking your only free electrical outlet. A single tone will block some calls but a multiple tone will fool even the most tenacious computer. The TZ900 emits a three-tone blocker.

If you are worried about blocking calls from your friends and family – no need. The typical calls that get blocked by the TeleZapper TZ900 are those that are computer generated. Of course there have to be a downside or two. Is the little beep as you pick up the receiver worse than a telemarketer call? I thought so.


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