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Gadgets can never bring happiness in society!

Updated on August 27, 2015

Mahatma Gandhi's message!

Society needs transformation of individuals!

If one is not aware of the use of technological tools, he will be simply stamped as ‘stone age man’. Youngsters today consider themselves as genius when they are able to use the latest gadgets, chat, send messages, and upload media from their smart phones or tablets. But all youngsters are not blessed with affluent parents or home. Many youngsters in poor third world countries have no access even to a cheap mobile phone. It is due to abject poverty. They are more concerned with bread and water rather than the sophisticated technological mumbo jumbo!

Well, if one is not aware of internet or computer, what the society will call him? Yes, there are millions of house holds all over the globe, who have no access to any communication tools. They are situated in remote inaccessible areas. Even the government finds it difficult to connect with them and offer those schemes which are beneficial to them. Even in democratic countries, such lacuna prevails. All are not connected by technology.

Hence several organizations like “Google” are experimenting with balloons to offer internet to those inaccessible remote areas. We are all aware that many of the youngsters use the internet for entertainment and time pass purpose. There are many middle aged and old people who use internet for recreation. Of course, there is nothing wrong if retired persons use internet for time pass or for learning new things. Any way time will be hanging for them and they can put the time into best use. But the youngsters waste their precious time in trivalent things. Not only they waste their own time but waste other’s time also by meaningless chats, comments etc.

Here, we have to remember that no one is an isolated being in the world. He lives in a society. Society helps every individual in myriads of ways. But for the society or family, none can survive or lead a sane life. The family is the first cushion to absorb the jolts. The society invariably consists of many such families and the society takes care of the community. We invariably pay the government many kind of mandatory taxes. These taxes enable the government to sustain their citizens in many ways by providing roads, public conveyances, hospitals, subsidized food and water, electricity and telephone facilities. If no one pays taxes, the government will become bankrupt and they can not perform their social functions. We have observed that many such careless governments are facing revolts from the disgruntled citizens.

Likewise, every individual need to contribute to the welfare of the society by offering help to the poor and downtrodden in society by providing food or clothing to the extent possible. If each one takes care of one, that society will flourish soon and the leaders will become responsible observing the behavior of the citizens. Each religion preaches certain moral codes for the practitioners of the religion. The common thread is “Truth, Love and non-violence. No religion advocated violence in any form. If some practices violence in the name of religion, it clearly shows that he has not understood the basic tenets of his religion.

In fact from ancient days, India offered refuge to people of many countries and they were allowed to practice their religion here. But, the political games played by many dishonest leaders have created more ‘isms’ in this holy land. In the villages, people lived amicably treating everyone as equal. But politics has entered in small villages and people have started treating others as aliens within the same village. Mahatma Gandhi wanted absolute unity between religions and their leaders. He saw every one as human being and embodiments of Divine. He never appreciated divisions in society. He even fasted to bring unity between two religions. He was able to unite at least temporarily. He wanted peace to prevail everywhere. But fate has ended the life of such holy man.

That is the main reason why Gandhi is venerated in many countries around the globe. His autobiography is an eye opener to modern youth. He desisted pomp and show, wore only a dhoti and traveled with his bare chest to European countries, participated in round table conferences. Before his Truth, all weapons crumbled and India attained Independence from foreign yoke. We need youngsters who practice Truth and righteousness throughout the globe to bring harmony and peace in the world. Gadgets can never bring happiness in life!

Children addicted to gadgets!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear lifeessense! I enjoyed reading your nice comments. We need people like you who share their resources with the have nots. Greed has spoiled the society more than wars! I really appreciate your views! Thank you once again!

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Adrien Richards for the nice comment. I understood the ills of society which are the results of industrialization, modernization and wealth seeking. Every thing should be within the bounds so that the people around live peacefully and harmoniously. In the correct gadget age, people have little respect for morals and righteous living. They feel wealth can deliver them! It is a sorry state. Thank you once again!

    • lifeessence profile image

      Essence 2 years ago

      "help to the poor and downtrodden in society by providing food or clothing to the extent possible"

      I always give donations to whoever is asking me on the streets. I know what it is like to live in a poverty since I came from a country where we simply didn't have enough food to eat. Many years ago we didn't know what a computer was. One of my friends had such a poor family they didn't have money to buy a chicken and cook a soup for a dinner and we were super skinny teenagers. We used to live in old apartments with cockroaches and used to wear the same clothes for years.

      Immigrants are working very hard to get an education and support their families. Now, with technology, education and jobs, we are able to help our relatives in our country and provide them for their numerous surgeries and health treatments.

      I read an article where a young man approached a homeless man on the street. Instead of giving him money, he gave him a computer so he can learn programming. If a homeless man is not lazy, he would use this chance to educate himself and find a job.

    • Adrien Richards profile image

      Adrien 2 years ago

      I never followed by the importance of technology except in education and medical areas, etc. Most people follow technologies gifts in a very trivial way but one can use it for good as you are doing here. Gandhi is one of my favorites and especially his friend Tagore which I started reading at 15. Namaste