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Galaxy S3

Updated on August 28, 2012

What we know about the Galaxy S3

Samsung's Android phone the 2011 Galaxy S2 received phenomenal reviews when it was released, it came with an extra powerful processor and a really high spec Camera, reviewers were astounded that Samsung engineered this slim compact smartphone with so many excellent technologies. Now one year on we all await the release of the S3 which industry analysts predict to come in 2012. With the constant updates in technology Samsung are eager to get the new S3 into the market to compete with the best. Given that we expect a new release in 2012, frustratingly Samsung have not given a new release date!

Industry Analysts are predicting that the new S3 will come with the new Exynos Quad Core processor which will boast at least 25% faster processing and a 34-50% less power usage.

This is what we can work out about the Samsung Galaxy S3 so far:

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Galaxy S3 Rumours

Here are the rumours about the Galaxy S3

TheSamsung Galaxy S3 release date

The Galaxy S2 is still a new release in the US, the S3 will be released much earlier in the UK, so expect a release in Q2 (Apr to Jun) in the UK, and a release date in the US in the second half of the year.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 price

Samsung have not released any information about price, we expect the price to be around $300 to $400 if we go with the S2 release price. With all of the additional features of the S2 we may even expect a higher price.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 processor

Expect the best processor available, all manufacturers are trying to be as current as possible to boost sales, I expect a quad core processor, Samsung spent 2011 developing and releasing a new set of Quad Core Processors which I expect to see in all of their new releases.

Samsung Galaxy S3 operating system

The new S3 will include the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it is compatible with the Goodle 4.0.3 code which makes this operating system a must for all up to date smart phones.

The Galaxy S3 Memory Capacity
Smartphones need a large memory capacity, so expect 1GB of Ram or more. Android phone makers are battling to increase the Ram with each new release to maintain and improve performance of their phones as they continually add new functionality. Also expect the removal of the SD card support as this is now becoming obsolete.

Samsung Galaxy S3 display
Samsung have said that the new S3 will feature a 4.6" screen, the S2 had a 4.3" screen, on the final release the screen might be even bigger!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 camera
This camera will be out of this world, the development team at Samsung have announced a 16 megapixel mobile sensor, with 60fps HD Video and a whopping 8.3 megapixel Camera. It also deals with shutter lags by being able to take 30 shots per second!

As we all anticipate Samsung's best smartphone yet, I think we can all agree that the improvements will make this a sleek and fast smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S3 Complete Guide

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