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Galaxy S5 Vs Nexus 5: Clash of The Titans

Updated on April 23, 2014

Samsung announced its new flagship, the Galaxy S5, earlier this week. It is scheduled to hit the shelves this April. However, when it does arrive in April it will have to face the heat from some fierce competition, not just from the iPhone 5S but also from a bunch of top of the line Android Phones.

Samsung, the electronics giant launches a new upgraded Galaxy S series flagship Smartphone every year, which is the Galaxy S5 for 2014. The Galaxy S5 is no exception and comes loaded with a lot of new and improved features in addition to the cosmetic and hardware changes. The S5 features a brand new design, a bigger camera and processor, latest version of Android, the Kitkat 4.4.2 and a lot more.

The competition for the Galaxy S series flagship from the Korean Electronics Giant rises every year but so does the new flagship device. This year is no different and when the S5 does come in April, the competition is expected to reach new heights from its closest and toughest competitors.

Among the Android devices that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will face stiff competition from is the Google’s Nexus 5, the latest flagship Android Phone from Google, which was launched in the last quarter of last year and a device that is considered to be among the best Android Phones in the market today.

This could also turn out to be a competition between Samsung & LG as LG is the hardware partner for the Nexus 5 and while the Nexus 5 at present is among the most sought after Android Phones, the Galaxy series phones are not far behind.

The nexus 5 features right at the top, in the list of anyone planning to buy a high end Android Smartphone and so does the S5. It is difficult to make a detailed comparison of the two Android Phones, without getting our hands on the S5. However, we can definitely make a brief comparison of what we know about both the devices.

The Nexus 5

Software & Interface

One of the key advantages that the Nexus 5 has is that it comes loaded with the Stock Android. Exactly the way Google meant it to be. The pure Android experience is hugely popular among Android enthusiasts. It is simple yet elegant, smooth as velvet and fluid like water.

However, the manufacturer User Interface has its own different set of advantages. The S5 offers the latest version of Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI, which has certain features that the Nexus 5 lacks.

Samsung’s Touch Wiz comes with a fully loaded camera app that leaves the stock android camera app look from a different age. The Touch Wiz on S5 comes with an “Ultra Power Saving Mode” similar to the “Stamina Mode” on the Xperia Phones that goes a long way in saving battery life.

Both the phones run the same Kitkat 4.4.2 version of Android yet look and feel poles apart. It’s for the users to decide which interface appeals to them more and is better.


Both the Android Phones, the Nexus 5 as well as the Galaxy S5 are made of plastic and yet are very different in terms of design. The Nexus 5 has a matte finish, feels premium and is durable and does not have a removable back, which means the battery is not user replaceable. The Nexus 5 is pretty light at 130 grams for a phone with a display as large as 5 inches. The nexus is fairly slim as well at a mere 8.59 mm.

The Galaxy S5 on the other hand is made of plastic just like the Nexus 5 but has a very distinctive design to it with perforated holes and leather like finish. The S5 is dust and water resistant. It is slightly slimmer at 8.1 mm as compared to the Nexus 5 but weighs more than the Nexus 5 at 145 grams.



If there is chink in the armor of the Nexus 5, it has to be its camera. The 8 Mega Pixels shooter, despite some improvement through software update, simply lacks the overall charisma of the Nexus 5.

The camera is not just inconsistent but reproduces colors poorly as well, especially in low light or artificial lighting conditions. The autofocus seem to take ages to focus.

However, despite its flaws the Nexus 5’s camera has Optical Image Stabilization that the S5 simply does not have. It goes a long way in preventing shaky images and videos and is a welcome step in the right direction.

On the other hand the S5 has 16 Mega Pixels camera with higher resolution and an assortment of other camera features. The autofocus is pretty quick and comes with an advanced HDR. The S5 also gives the user more control over the camera settings like ISO, aperture, resolution and white balance etc. Moreover, the camera on the Galaxy S5 comes with additional features like the blur effect, which is usually found on DSLR's and definitely gives the S5 and edge over the Nexus 5 Camera.

Internal Storage & Expandable Memory

Both the Android Phones come with internal memory options of 16 and 32 GB and a RAM of 2 GB. There is not much to choose from here. However, the S5 has provision for expandable memory through SD card, while the Nexus 5 users will have to look for cloud options for expandable memory.

The S5 holds a slight edge over the Nexus 5 here as people looking for bigger storage will favor the former over the latter.

The Galaxy S5
The Galaxy S5 | Source


The Nexus 5 has a full HD 5 inches display with a pixel density of 445 ppi. The screen is a True HD IPS+ that reproduces natural colors and comes with a corning gorilla glass 3 protection. The display on the Nexus 5 has one of the best among its peers and feels really top of the line.

On the other hand the Galaxy S5 features a slightly bigger display at 5.1 inches with full HD and a pixel density of 432 ppi. Like the Nexus 5 the S5 too has corning gorilla glass 3 protection but unlike the Nexus 5 features the trademark Samsung Super AMOLED, which reproduces slightly over saturated colors, which may not be appreciated by all the Android fans.


The Nexus 5 has a 2300 mAh battery to power its 5 inch display and the quad core processor. The battery does provide ample backup for an average user, but if you are someone who likes to watch full length movies, play HD games and are doing something or the other on your phone all the time, the battery on the Nexus 5 would not last you a full day on a single charge. Besides the battery is non user replaceable and keeping a charged battery as backup would not help

The Galaxy S5 unlike the Nexus 5 has a huge 2800 mAh battery to go with that monstrous screen. The 2800 mAh does sound like it will be good enough to last a full day on a single charge, even with the most rigorous of users. However, how it performs in the real world would only be known to us, once the phone hits the market.

Which Phone do you think is better?

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    • profile image

      Tanvi 3 years ago

      Nice description Atul...I have Nexus 5 and am enjoying it.

    • Aryan Sehrawat profile image

      Aryan Sehrawat 3 years ago from New Delhi

      Definitely the Nexus 5 for me because it is Google and pure android.