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Garmin GPS Motorcycle Mount for 'Navigator' Biker

Updated on March 7, 2015
Garmin GPS Motorcycle Mount
Garmin GPS Motorcycle Mount

Motorcycle is perhaps one of the best transportation method that you can use particular traveling in urban area that always have traffic jam problem. Here, I'm not talking about those big bulky bikes like the Harley but rather about those small scooters that can pass through the small space within two cars easily.

Motorcycles enthusiasts (those big bike lovers), on the other hand, usually love to rid o their bike as frequently as they can when the time and weather permit. Words can't describe how a rider feels when heading out to the open road. It's truly a great experience that one could ever have.

Traveling on a bike is a great and convenient experience but have you ever wondered to add a navigation unit on to it, like the GPS system. You might not need one if you are riding in a familiar place like the city where you work but what if you are new or you love riding your big bike to new places when your are free. Well, if that's the case, nothing beats a GPS navigation unit that. It helps you to locate your current location and find the right direction so that you won't get lost. One of the best and trusted brands is none other than Garmin.

Having a Garmin GPS navigation unit is not enough as you need to have a Garmin GPS motorcycle mount to hold it. You can't hold the unit in your hand while you are riding on your bike, can you?

GPS systems are not quite a new technology as private vehicles have been using it for some time now. Most newest version cars even come with built in GPS system nowadays.

Such system even comes more handy for motorcyclist. Imagine that you need to pull off the road and to find out your location in the map. Isn't that would be more convenient for you to just have a glance down at your conveniently mounted Garmin GPS unit on the bike? No need to stop and interrupt your journey.

A Garmin GPS motorcycle mount is obviously different from the one that is meant for a car. Motorcycle gps mount is made of stronger material that is UV resistant, due to the fact that it need to be exposed to the sun and outdoors a lot of the time.

By this, the color won't fade away easily or become damaged due to exposure to the sun. It will make your bike looks color if the mount faded in color. Besides, the mount also protects your gps unit system and you can rest assured that it will last for a very long time.

Garmin GPS Motorcycle Mount for Safety Purposes

The latest motorcycle Garmin GPS system nowadays also include integrated feature such as bluetooth compatibility that enable you to receive navigational prompts from a wireless headset. It will be even greater, if you have a helmet with has a built-in headset. It is more convenient and easier for you to understand prompt given by the GPS system in such a way.

Additionally, the Bluetooth feature can further reduce the need for you to take your eyes off the road, so that you can look at the screen. This will obviously reduce the risk of accident from happening. Most advanced and latest gps unit definitely will have this featured integrated.

Most GPS motorcycle mounts that sold in the market come with the proper mounting hardware, so that fast and easy install could be done by just anyone. These mounting device are specially designed so that it will always look nice when installed on your bike. Sourcing for a Garmin GPS motorcycle mount is easy, just search online and you will find plenty of them. Online stores might even be able to give you a better deal as they do not incur high cost as brick and mortar business.

Garmin Zumo 660 & 665 Locking Motorcycle GPS Moun


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