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Garmin Nuvi-GPS Open House Navigation

Updated on March 13, 2011

Garmin Nuvi-GPS Open House Navigation

GPS Navigation is not just for vacation trips. Five miles or five hundred miles - distance is not the issue - reaching your destination is.

House hunting can be exhausting. Even after you have found a wonderful property you often feel like you need to keep looking - just in case there is a better one out there. If you are familiar with the area it may not be difficult to plan a day visiting Open Houses. If moving to a new area the expense in time and money can be huge.

Online real estate sites are great and many reveal address of the listed homes. Each one can be located on Google Maps so why would you need a GPS for directions?

Garmin Nuvi 800


I sold real estate for nearly 4 years. Personally I did not enjoy holding "Open Houses". You may notice that fewer and fewer homes are being held open for prospective buyers. There are many reasons for that. Safety, time and people just looking at décor are just some of the problems that real estate agents face.

You have to take advantage of any Open Houses that there are when you are a serious buyer. Now more than ever before (with the price of gas) and since they may be spread out across the area the time spent driving from one to the other can eat into your free time and your pocketbook.

A house is just a house but the surroundings can make all the difference. How much time are you willing to spend checking out the surroundings? Which schools are nearby and how are the roads getting there? What type of shopping is nearby? Traffic patterns change during different times of the day so are main streets a hindrance to getting to work quickly?

A GPS navigational system can help with these questions.

Garmin has thought of many scenarios why designing the Nuvi line of GPS units. Depending on your needs there is a Nuvi to fulfill them.

While driving to your next home it is smart to pay attention to how you get there. GPS units have routing options. GPS Magazine has compared the Garmin Nuvi 680, the Magellan Maestro 4050 and the TomTom ONE XL to see which one routes the best. They routed a distance of approximately 80 miles and you would be routing a much shorter distance - but this still makes my point. My point is that a GPS unit will give you information that could take months to gather otherwise. Once at your destination check out the preloaded POI (points of interest).


Some Garmin Nuvi 700 and 800 series have the ability to route up to 10 destinations at once. Some Garmin Nuvi 200, 300,600,700 and 800 series units speak street names and exits. Garmin Nuvi 850 and 880 can be controlled by voice recognition. Other Garmin Nuvi units have traffic alerts. See a list of Garmin Nuvi features here.

Before making the commitment to move to a new home spend the time to research the not so obvious. GPS navigation is so simple now and the costs of the GPS units are quite reasonable.


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