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Get Free Internet in the U.S.A.

Updated on April 20, 2017

Internet and the World Wide Web

The internet.
The internet. | Source
World Wide Web
World Wide Web | Source

Free Internet

I did a physical search for a place that would want you to have free internet in the United States of America. I found it. The free library. They have free library cards. They have a free rental of books and movies. They have free wifi that is free internet. They even have computers to access the internet.

I used to live in Philadelphia that is the fifth largest city in the U.S. The area that I lived in had a library that had computers that gave you free access to the internet. There was a day that they did not have computers so to research things you would go the library.

The biggest library in Philadelphia is the main free library. They have over 20 computers that are hooked to the internet. To use a computer you go to a terminal and tell it when you want to use the computer. It will give you the time that the next computer is free.

In the area that I live in now is very rural. The nearest store is 10 miles away. I learned that a neighbor was using the internet for free. So I had him explain it to me. There is an elementary school that is a few blocks from us. They have a free library that anyone can use. It is in a separate building than the school. He uses that signal. He can also use the signals of places that are in the town that is 10 miles away.

They also have a library where you can use their computers to access the internet. There is a wifi signal that is in a McDonalds that is not password protected but it is a service to their customers. But all you need is the signal from the library that is there all of the time, even when they are closed.

Extra Equipment Needed

The extra equipment that my neighbor has can pick up signals that are 10 miles away. First you need a special antenna that can go on the roof of your house or on a pole that goes above the roof. You can attach the pole to your house. You can get this antenna for around $100. Note that there can be presence of fear the first time that you do anything.

I have a friend that never learned to ride a bike so there is a fear that she will not be able to learn to ride a bike as an adult. I have another friend that never learned to swim so there is a fear of learning to swim. The guy who taught me how to do this comes from long line of doers. His father owned a machine shop. His grandfather owned a machine and his great grandfather owned a machine shop.

After getting an antenna, you will also need an amplifier. This is to amplify the signal that you get from the antenna. An amplifier will usually cost less than an antenna. Then he has something else that is optional. He uses a repeater. That reminds me of a joke. Pete and Repeat go fishing but Pete falls off of the boat. So who was left? They will say Repeat, then you say it all over again.

What a repeater does is it takes the signal and re-sends it so that it is a different one that everyone else is using. Also it splits the signal so you can hook a wire up to several devices. I was looking at the internet and I saw that many people who spend a log time in campers have trouble connecting to the internet.

Here is some information on what you can connect to on the internet. Most people go to medical school between the ages of 23 and 27. Alexis is going to medical school between the ages of 19 and 23. She is 22 and will become a doctor in about a year. Now she could have skipped 3 more years but her parents did not want her going to college age 12. This makes her a super genius.

She has had a blog since age 15. One of my favorite stories is how she saved her mother's life from cancer at age 6, by donating bone marrow. At that age the mother did not want her donating bone marrow so there was an elaborate plan to fool her mother. It also tells later on how the mother found out and it makes the story twice as good. See The Time I Saved My Mother: A True Story.

Also on April 15, 2017, there is a story of how Alexis worked in a hospital in Canada for over 90 hours. When she went to get some sleep at the hospital, they threw her out saying that her identification was fake. Then when she got to her apartment, a stranger was sleeping in her bed and she had to call the police. It is a very bizarre story. See Peyton Place in the Great White North.

Long Distance USB-Powered Wi-Fi Antenna

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Ideaworks Long Distance USB-Powered Wi-Fi Antenna (72-6612)

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    • Chuck Bluestein profile image

      Chuck Bluestein 7 months ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      I heard talk of making entire cities wi-fi but I guess the places that make a lot of money with internet access do not like this. Sunlight creates free electricity but I guess it is the pollution of fossil fuels has accelerated that. I am investing in lithium. Did you know that fossil fuels require dead plant or animal material and once that is used, it is gone but sunlight shines everyday.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 7 months ago from North Texas

      Lots of restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, and malls have free WiFi too. Of course you must have your own computer. A little inconvenient because one must adhere to the hours these places are open.

      A little surprised a place as big as Philadelphia has so few computers available with Internet. Here in my small city of 125,000, just one library has over 30 computers with Internet, and we have 3 libraries and another is to be built in the next year or so.

      I take my own computer to the library as even though the hours aren't the most convenient, the savings from not having to pay for Internet is considerable. There are at least another 30 places one can set up their own computer with electric outlets so that one needn't drain their battery.

      The gym where I have a membership has free WiFi too.