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How to Find more Friends on Facebook

Updated on January 5, 2012

Do you want 10,000 friends on facebook?

Facebook. Finally I signed up after a few years of people drilling me to join. Now I want ten thousand friends. Why not? I can brag to my college daughter that I got more friends than her!

I want ten thousand friends, these are the ways I've found out to get YOU there. Read on!

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Ten Thousand Reasons

  1. Become more popular. Your old school friends probably have 500 - 1000 friends. You can say "I got ten thousand!"
  2. You'll be getting friend requests everyday in the hundreds, all because you are showing up on so many pages.
  3. You have a Hubpage you want to promote and wished you had a lot of friends to go and view it. If only you had ten thousand friends.
  4. You have an affiliate product or business you wanna promote but you need PEOPLE to make sales.
  5. You can't afford to advertise on google adwords or similar pay-per-click programs.
  6. You want to have loads of friends so you can sell your profile on ebay for easy money. I've heard of one that sold for £2000 on ebay.
  7. You want to sell links on your profile. Businesses and websites will pay you to post a link to your site provided you have a lot of traffic.
  8. You are an actor/musician and you want to advertise your gigs.
  9. You wanna see your web traffic rise
  10. You "just want" ten thousand friends!

1 - The quickest way to get ten thousand friends is add friends, make comments, bulletins and messages.

  • add friends with every opportunity you can. Give yourself a daily target like 20 or so
  • write on your friends wall, comment on photos and videos. Try and build a genuine relationship, you gotta keep them coming
  • send interesting bulletins but not too often
  • always accept the suggested friends. It's a great tool so why not make use of it?

2 - Using Face book buttons

Are you a blogger? Are you a hubber? Do you use twitter?

Always use your add me link and facebook buttons to let people add you.

A lot of people on Facebook and this can increase your friend count if used in a few places.

3 - Joining Groups on Facebook

Joining groups on Facebook is real good way to get found on Facebook. There is even a few hubber groups on Facebook. I've started one called "Get Ten Thousand Friends on Facebook". I made it a few minutes ago so you could be one of the first to join!

4 - Start your own Groups

Starting your own groups on Facebook is a good way of getting interaction and getting people to NOTICE YOU on Facebook.

What are your true reasons for signing up? Go and start a group on the topic, you'll be surprised how many people have the same motive!

5 - Use your invite link

Just like Twitter, Hubpages and Myspace, not everyone is a member of Facebook. You should get all your friends who arent members to join. If they use your invite link, they will automatically become your friend!

6 - Post comments on other popular profiles

Sometimes you'll find profiles with thousands of friends and you think "Damn!, how many people add him a day!........?

7 - Use your add me link

Go to Facebook and find your "add me" link. 

Right click the link and select "Copy shortcut" for Internet Explorer, "Copy link location" for Firefox, "Copy link address" for Google Chrome.
Now go to and paste that link to "make url tiny". You should now have a much shorter link. You can use it in your signature for your email footers.
This is what mine looks like:
You can add me if you want ;)

How to get more friends on facebook

If you want more friends on Facebook then post your "add me" link with a comment.

Think about it.............if Ten Thousand people visit this page and they all add you.................Goal completed!

Good luck on building your friend list. Peace!

Wanna get loads of friends on Twitter?

Here is a guide on getting a lot of friends on another really popular social site Twitter. It has similar techniques to the guide above and is worth a read. 


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