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Get Traffic Through Good Quality Links and Improve Website Traffic with Deep Back Linking

Updated on August 23, 2010

In regards to back link building, individuals usually tend to overestimate and over-analyze the entire process. Although plenty of building back links software out there surely can be handy, and several innovative components will come in into play, the essence of building links all relies on responding to one single challenge;

Yes, it is that straightforward. If you can answer the question “Why should I backlink to your website?” without concern, you’re ready to go. Nevertheless, answers like “because all of our websites are relevant” or “because it's actually suitable for your personal users” aren't good replies. Most backlinks on the net are set due to feelings, and relevance doesn't induce any emotion.

Quailty Link

Consider of all of the link requests you've gotten received yourself, and about those you may have in fact authorized, and the reason why. Consider of all of the blogs you have linked to yourself over time, and why you may have linked with these sites.

There are several very good responses possible to this question, but the most common ones are:

  • Because I really like your blog, photographs, blog post, and so on.
  • Because I prefer you
  • Because you've made available a specific thing in turn
  • Because I think I will be missing something in the event that I don’t share your web site with others

Think about this particular question prior to any sort of back link request you send out. Prior to any brainstorm session you take.

If you cannot respond to this problem thoroughly, you'll find generally three actions you can take:

  • proceed and face demoralizing low acceptance rates
  • offer an item to return the favor (written content, cash, services, etc.) in order to persuade individuals
  • improve your articles (or your current sales pitch) in such a way so it can answer the question

Now in the event more people today would likely ask themselves this question, it would help to make my email a whole lot cleaner…

The Right way to Boost your Deep Back-links

To begin with, if you’re unclear of where you stand with regards to pre-existing deep backlinks to your site, do a quick analysis:

How many active inbound back links do you have? What amount of them go to the home page vs. subpages? Do you need to carry out some work? When you are completely proud of just how everything is – read no more, but if you are not…keep reading.

The second thing is, locate the subpages that you need to increase traffic to. This takes considerably more time. Issues you’ll want to consider in depth will be:

How many current inbound back-links do you have for every single subpage?

  • Do you know the main anchor texts?
  • Just how are these kinds of web pages presently ranking in the engines?
  • Is the proportion of deep backlinks into the home-page one that you think is accurate for the importance of these subpages?
  • Can these subpages exist as standalone results in the Search page results? If that is so, terrific. If not, it might not be worth linking to. Exactly why put in the time if a surfer is very less likely to click on the result or, if a visitor does simply click, will probably bounce within the first five seconds? You should use google analytics info to check on bounce rates for these types of web pages also, to discover if you should make improvements to things.
  • What are the filenames regarding these kinds of subpages? Could they be improved? Would it be even worthwhile, given that you’d have to do some 301s?

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    • Loves To Read profile image

      Loves To Read 

      8 years ago

      I'm sure that if anyone is in the know that this would be a very informative hub. However i am sure that i am not the only newbie on here who needs to just start with backlinks Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us though.

      God Bless

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 

      8 years ago from SE MA

      I get backink requests almost every single day and delete 99.999% instantly.

      First to get to deleted: any offer to trade links.

      Second, any offer to pay for links.

      If the person obviously knows nothing about my site, instant deletion.

      If it's plainly a form letter, instant deletion.

      What MIGHT get my attention is an honest email from someone who knows what my site is about and can tell me why I should link to theirs. That is maybe one a year, if that.

      It's usually a person who can point to a specific place that the link would be useful:

      "I saw you mentioned xyz at your blah-blah article and thought you might be interested in my detailed look at how xyz works in our environment".

      Notice they don't even ASK for a link? But the chances are good that they could get one.

    • Tkumah profile image


      8 years ago

      Shame on me. I would like to bookmark this hub and I do not know how...

      I love the picture of the chain that says a thousand words.


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