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YuppTV New Coupon Code to Watch Indian Channels in US & Canada

Updated on October 9, 2015

Navratri - Hindu worship and dance festival as a celebration of the Amba goddess

Navratri is one of the most famous Hindy festivals. It is celebrated all over Nepal and India. Navratri is actually a combination of two words - Nava which means nine and ratri which means nights. Many Indians are looking forward to this festival which is filled with laughter, all night long dancing and lots of fun.

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A news is spreading all over the US and Canada about the YuppTV Discount coupon, name "DEVIMAA", humours say NRIs living in US and Canada can use that code and avail respective $10 & CAD 10 discount on Indian TV Channel's subscription. It seems a nice offer and a great initiative to make their country's fellow happy on this occasion, who are living far away.


Apart from TV

Few community hosts the Navratri Dandya Festival and event in US and Canada. This is a family friendly event where you will be able to see different performances and listen to music from Indian performers and famous musicians. Dandya is the prominent dance of the Navratri Festival and an amazing dance ritual. Raas is also an amazing Indian traditional dance. You can enjoy in amazing Indian food, festive dresses and many other traditional Indian features.

The festival dates are determined by the Lunar Calendar. The preparations are in full swing and the Navratri Dandia Event will be held in US and Canada starting in 7 PM and some Navratri Dandia Garba Event will also be hosted in US and Canada, starting in 7 PM. It will be an alchohol free event. Make sure to book your ticket online in order not to miss this amazing festival.

If you can't make it to the festival, don't worry because you can watch Indian Channels live in order to see the Navratri festival in US and Canada. Navratri celebration in US and Canada is very popular among Indian people because in that way they can preserve their tradition and even for a moment bring the spirit of India to US and Canada.

The Indian TV Channels will be broadcasting the festival live, absolutely free, online! On Navratri TV website, you can find a calendar that contains all events that are related to this popular festival. Make sure to visit their website and subscribe in order to keep up with events. Tune online and enjoy in the amazing colors of Navratri festival in high quality! Don't miss out and make sure why we have earned the trust of so many viewers.


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