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Get your Cash using your own Eyes

Updated on August 16, 2010

One fine day I was there to withdraw money from the ATM machine and in a hurry I forgot to get my card back and left the place.

Later when I realised this, I was blaming myself for my carelessness. However, this incident gave me a new idea which can solve issues of the present card system. Imagine what people don’t have to use their ATM or Credit Cards to withdraw money! You must be thinking what the hell I am talking, this service is so user-friendly.

An ATM Machine

ATM Machine
ATM Machine

So now let me introduce to you a new perspective, an easier to use and a much advanced technology, where you won’t have any fear of losing your cards or any kind of security issues.

Well this discussion is all about an eye-scanner. Imagine you won’t have to carry any Cash or credit cards all the time when you go for shopping, no fear of your card being blocked or losing them. An eye-scanner machine will solve all your issues.

Eye scanner technology will soon become a boom to the financial world with its great security and identification features. But what is so special about eyes-scan, why not finger-identification? Well the answer lies in the fact that error rates are as low as 1 in 10,000,000!!! Isn’t that interesting!!

Every person has a distinctive pattern of the retina. And eye-scanner uses this as identification criteria of a person. Even the twins have different patterns. What you would be needed is to just register your retina pattern with your bank.

POS Device

POS Device
POS Device

If your eye-pattern matches with the one registered, while you stand at a cash- counter or an ATM machine, you can proceed with the further process and amount would be deducted from your account.

This type of technology is already in use in a school in New Jersey and at many airports in the World as this is highly reliable, secure and efficient technology. The wait is for banks and the government to accept this technology and give a new outlook to security.


Various ATM Cards

ATM cards
ATM cards


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