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Getting Buff On Twitter - Are You Using Buffer Yet?

Updated on September 1, 2014

Managing Omni Presence

Why should you use Buffer? What can someone using Social Media, do with the Buffer App? What's the benefit to scheduling Tweets and posts?

Well, it's a tough racket being everywhere at once. Yet you're building this following on Twitter, you want to make sure that you're posting valuable content, that your people are getting something out of it and that you're engaging and thought provoking (even controversial at times).

Allow me to introduce Buffer!

Their slogan...

"Be awesome on Social Media"

Add Tweets and Facebook posts to your Buffer from anywhere and we automagically share them for you through the day."

Buffer was put together to allow you to have a more personal experience while still having some sense of efficiency to handle it.

I want to send off engaging and interesting tweets and Buffer allows me to set that up in advance. You can also get that going on your Facebook page. It's basically pre-loading your tweets.

Between you, me and cyberspace, Twitter is still new for me. I've had a Twitter account for about a year. I've actually put my attention on it for about the last 6 weeks. Sure, over this last year I've logged in, tweeted off and on, followed others that interest me, but it's all been kind of like winging it.

Now, this Buffer app allows me to take a moment and really focus on what type of message I want to go out to my followers and then set it up in advance so there will be a constant stream of positivity, relevant, quality content flowing from Twitter page instead of the completely random postings from 7 weeks prior.

This does not mean however that you get to neglect your Twitter page. You need to check it several times a day and know when your followers and other people are engaging with you. After all it's called Social Media for a reason.

Another great tool is the analytics they include. You can know what tweets are favorites, retweets, links clicked, etc. It's great to help you build more engaging content that people will want to follow and interact with.

Attracting Attention!

In The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone, we learn a very simple formula for success.

  1. Get Attention
  2. Get Criticism
  3. Get Haters
  4. Get Admiration

The idea is as simple as it is effective. If you have a product, message, idea, or anything of value that you want to share with the world, you need to get that message out there.

Many people are using Twitter to get their message out there and connect with like minded individuals who share in a similar vision.

Personally, I use Twitter for a few things.

  1. I wrote a book called, "How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone." I want to help others kick the habit like I did, so Twitter is a venue for me to spread my good word.
  2. I also work for Cardone Training Technologies where I have the privilege of helping others improve in business and in life. Grant Cardone's message that Success is your ETHICAL duty, obligation and responsibility is a message well worth spreading.
  3. I love to laugh. Laughter truly is the best medicine. If a tweet can crack a grin; more power to it!

So for you to get your message out, you need attention. Some of that attention may not be positive as there will always be a Negative Nellie in the bunch. If you're name is Nellie and you're reading this, just know, I am only using this term to make a point. I'm sure you're a very positive person. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, with criticism will come haters. Just look at any big name personality. From Sarah Palin to Barack Obama to the Pope, if you have people that love you, it's inevitable that you'll pick up on some haters. So, as Grant puts it, to have haters isn't really a bad thing. Especially when you use it to fuel your desire to fully get your message or product out into the world and the market place. It also means that you are striking a chord, leaving a mark, dinging the universe as Steve Jobs said.

Massive Action

If you're looking to succeed in business and in life it will require that you are willing to take massive amounts of action. It helps even more when those actions are the right actions. More often than not we let ourselves think we can get something done in less time than it actually takes. From getting up in the morning to getting your work done. How often have you gone to do a task and realized a third of the way in it that this is going to take longer than you thought?

Solution? Yes, assume and prepare to take a massive level of action to accomplish said task so the level of effort actually required won't come as a surprise to you and you'll probably wind up getting more done than you originally thought. Instead of less which is what happens when you under prepare.

You'll always fair better when you aim too high, over commit and over deliver.

I had a drama teacher once talking about projecting your voice in the theater and they told me, it's better to tell you to turn it down than it is to turn it up. There's a life lesson in that one for sure!

So, using Buffer will help you take the right amount of action and enable you to accomplish more in less time. Use it well and see if you can get a few to tell you to turn it down. That means that you got the attention and criticism you're looking for. Now keep going till you get a hater or two and then a bunch of admiration which means success!

Take Massive Action


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