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Getting a free copy of McAfee Internet security suite.

Updated on April 8, 2015

If you are looking for a good anti-virus tool and general security tool for your home PC then McAfee is one of the market leaders.

Technically the software is not free as you have to pay the sales tax, but paying a few Dollars for the suite is a bargain.

Big consumer stores like Frys Electronics will offer the product with a mail in rebate. The mail in rebate is the same value as the product, so you are getting it free, but as mentioned previously the tax will need to be paid.

There are various version of the Internet security suite, for single user license upwards. I purchased the 3 user license, I installed on my home PC’s, mailed in the rebate and got the check within 5 weeks. All covered for about 5 Dollars in tax.

As with all rebate products, the secret is mailing in the forms. I typically will not open a product until I have mail in the form, it takes 10 minutes and I always do it the same day.

Take a look online, Search for McAfee and see the products they offer and rebates.


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