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GoPro HERO Compared to the New GoPro HERO+

Updated on November 14, 2013

Are the upgrades worth the change?

For avid action photographers, taking a shot of good quality, clarity and sharpness is important. The makers of the GoPro Hero have made it gone with the days of old reeled, cracked movies. And…rightly so, times have changed and so should the modern photographer. Innovation is King and the main reason why photographer or those who enjoy make taking shots a hobby look for the best camera in the industry.

This review will also go through the price differences of each model as well as where users can get a used GoPro for sale.

Well, this review will answer the question, if GoPro Hero+ is really one of the most talked about cameras available in regards to the upgraded version after going through its features and benefits for the end user.


Customer Ratings

4 stars for Go Pro Ratings

The Upgrade Design and Color Options

Voyeurs of the GoPro HERO know that there is a new version out, the GoProHERO+. Well, when looking at the design of the sister products, users will notice that they look pretty much the exact same. However, the size in the original is a tad smaller than the original, so therefore a new case will be required to fit the new version if the user decides to upgrade. The design is flat and said to be very pleasing the most users. It also comes in 3 colors, black, white and silver.

The Accessories List

There are an abundance of accessories that go with the GoPro. With the upgraded model comes with a waterproof housing unit, WiFi remote, 2 sticky mounts, 2 quick release buckles, a 2-wway pivot arm and a USB charging cable. As one can see, there are a lot of accessories packed into this small bundle. This should be enough to get the average user ready to start filming.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition vs Silver Edition

4Kp15 / 2.7Kp30 / 1440p48 / 1080p60 / 960p100 / 720p120 fps
1080p60 / 960p60 / 720p120 fps
12MP/ 30 fps Burst
10MP / 10 fps Burst
WiFi Remote
Compatible (sold seperately)


What are your favorite action shots?

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Performance - A Review of Shots and Ability

Both versions allow footage to be shot from any angle and any point the user chooses. When testing under water, indoors and outdoors, the quality will alter. Most things can be shot with the SuperView and the film shot in this mode can also be stretched to fit TV.

There is another mode that captures low automatic light mode. With this option, innovative photographers can set and forget the GoPro while it virtually shoots films by itself.

There is a distinct different in the quality of images with the new and old model. Users with a careful eye can tell that the color sharpness and contrast of the shots are sharper with the GoPro HERO+.

A Price Comparison

In comparison with its competitors, the Sony Action Cam, the Drift, and the Contour, the GoPro Hero has a better price tag and higher quality footage. The price is $300 - $400 depending upon the model purchased unless you find a used GoPro for sale at any resale shop on and/or offline.

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More of the Go Pro

The Mount- Another Helpful Accessory

One of the most helpful accessories to add to the GoPro is the mount. The mount accessory that comes with the equipment has pivotal arms that make it easy to maneuver the camera in many different positions to get the desired shot. However, the pivots are screwed in place, so the user should be mindful of that. There are clips that come with the camera but can be a challenge to unsecure from the camera.

The helmet mount pad is another addition that adds comfort and practicality to the positioning of the camera. Just know that the mount pad is another tricky accessory that can be a challenge to use.

A Video Review of the GoPro

The Summary

The GoPro HERO+ has 3 different colors to choose from and a nice price tag that comes with an array of useful accessories. Other additions that I didn’t mention is the long battery life and a smaller case make this camera on top of our list. Users have described that the camera works well under water, indoors and outdoors without compromising the quality of footage.

Which Do You Have? The Original GoPro or the GoPro3+

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