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GoPro Hero 4 Session review

Updated on March 20, 2017

The GoPro Hero 4 session is the lightest and smallest GoPro to date. It is currently the cheapest GoPro that you can buy since the company have discontinued the entry level GoPro's such as the Hero+ models. The GoPro is simple to use with it's one button control which allows you to record as well as take photos. Due to its size, it is compact and does not need a casing meaning it does not look bulky in which it can go to depths of up to 10m.

The Hero session has a high resolution of 1440 pixels per inch delivering sharp, quality images as well as being able to shoot in up to 100 frames per second allowing users to get great quality slow motions clips. It also has a burst feature allowing up to 10 frames per second as well as being able to set time lapse intervals from 0.5 seconds all the way up to 60 seconds.

Some of the downsides to the GoPro hero session do however, involve the one button system. Due to it not having the touch screen interface that the Hero 5 black has, the GoPro session can become frustrating to navigate around. Some drawbacks are that you cannot see what the GoPro is aiming at without connecting it up to your phone which in itself is hassle. Due to there only being a minuscule screen on the top of the session that only shows one setting at a time, if you accidentally cycle past is the first time, you have to cycle through all the other options once again. This particular model also does not have the stabilisation filter built in which is fairly useful, it prevents the videos from being shaky and generally smoothes them out making them more watchable. This results in some of the footage coming out not as good as you would have hoped as well as not truly immerse those watching the video into that activity.

The GoPro Hero session is now the cheapest GoPro money can buy and can be very useful depending on what you are doing. For a sport like skiing, a session would suit you perfectly due to the GoPro more than likely being mounted on your helmet so you cannot see the screen anyway. However, if you wanted to buy a GoPro not just for action sports but also for videoing deep sea adventures whilst you are snorkelling or out on a boat, the session would not be ideal for you due to it not having the led screen showing what the lens is currently capturing.


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