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Going to the Mall? What's that?

Updated on March 2, 2010

how I became addicted to online shopping

While attending high school, I was employed in various clothing stores and yes, I worked in a "Mall". It was probably during this time that I developed a deep dislike for going to Malls and shopping. Well, I shouldn't say that I do not like shopping, I should narrow it down. What I do not like is waiting on line, walking amongst the many shoppers who randomly stop in front of you and navigating through the strollers that are laden down with packages and children if you can find them in there. I also have no patience with the sales clerks who are too busy in their own conversations to do their jobs correctly or take a very long time folding the shirts. I just want to grab my items and stuff them in the bag so I can go already! The recirculated air has me sweating in the coat that I am either forced to wear while I shop or carry which makes it impossible for me to truly buy more than a few items.

At the Mall, you are also dealing with all of the tweens and young teens who really do not have anywhere to "go out" to yet, so the Mall is the best place for them to go and meet up, eat and talk. Unfortunately, there are always those who utilize this meeting spot as a place to annoy other people because their social skills are quite immature and they cannot understand that folks are not amused by their antics. In addition to these young annoyances, we find that nowdays it is rather depressing to note that so many of the sales clerks are people who truly should be retired if it were not for our dismal economy. Add to that the fact that most items at the Mall are overpriced and poor quality and it makes for a day of frustration for someone who is "just not into it".

One year Christmas shopping fell upon me while I was rather pregnant and ordered by a doctor to "limited activity", not complete bedrest, but close to it. This was the year I discovered that I could get everything I ever wanted by turning on the computer and ordering it online. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. No longer would I be forced to contend with all of the above. As long as I allowed for delivery time and hunted for stores that had free shipping it worked very well for me. I could go to several stores in an hour without leaving the comfort of my couch. I could click back and forth and find the best sales, I could use online coupons. I was thrilled, I would not have to stand on long lines and watch sales clerks move at a snails pace taking shirts off of hangers and chatting with their friends about what happened last night.

My children are all in school now, I can go to stores on my day off and not drag them with me, but I rarely do. I still lack the patience for the people that will be in the stores with me. I know that isn't the proper social way to behave, but it isn't a social activity. A social activity is taking a walk in the park with someone, going sledding, going to the zoo,playing a game together,going out to lunch or dinner, not to the Mall. I know it CAN be if I make it, but I am not at that place right now, I may never be. The one place I love to go to shop is Barnes and Noble, or basically any bookstore. I can spend hours in the bookstore and I don't even mind waiting on line because I will read my book while I am waiting. In fact, I will get lost in a bookstore. I can never go to one if I am in a hurry, I just can't get out of there that quickly, too much to see.

Yesterday, my husband I were discussing a book he was interested in. He mentioned that the next time I went to the bookstore maybe I could pick it up for him, guess what I did? I went online and ordered it. It should arrive by the end of the week. I couldn't help myself. Wanted it, the price was good, now I do not have to go anywhere, it will show up with the help of the UPS truck and its driver. I still go to the supermarket and the pharmacy although I know that I can do that shopping online as well, but I am not completely addicted to it. I am also not a shut in, I love to go out, AND I DO go shopping, just when I want to, and never to a crowded store, its not necessary. Time is precious, there are so many other things I can do instead of standing on line.


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