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The GPS Golf Buddy - This Will Take Strokes Off Your Game

Updated on April 11, 2016
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Everyone has one


The Golf Buddy is now standard equipment

So many golfers around the world are going with Golf Buddy. You don't need to dig away in your bag for a range finder. It's cumbersome to use a rangefinder when the Golf Buddy gives you an instant read out. You can adjust the volume for the yardage readout or silence it too if you don't want to hear it. It's a very simple voice distance measuring device.You can get it in white with gold trim or red with black trim as shown here. You can attach it to a wristband or put a clip on it and attach to most anything.

It's small and easy to use.


So portable and its not complicated to use.

If you've got a golfer in the family, it makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. There are others on the market but they have different functions and so many features they become complicated and time consuming to use, especially when there's a group behind you. All you need to do with a Golf Buddy is press a single button and you immediately have the distance. These have become so common, people who haven't got them have learned how to use them since there's so many of them around.

Other features

There's another feature that is used to measure the distance of a shot. You press a button on the side of it, then you press the main button. Then hit the ball and walk to it. When you get there you press the main button again and it will tell you how far you went. Of course you could just go up to your ball and see what the remaining yardage is left to find out how far you hit the ball, But if you want to know how far you hit a certain club you might try using the distance measuring feature.

Best of all, it automatically finds the golf course your playing as you walk to the first tee.


No need to dial in a golf course

The Golf Buddy has thousands of golf courses on it and updates are free.

If The GPS Doesn't Help Your Game, Try A Joke To Relax

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