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Google Adsense API for Mobile Applications

Updated on September 18, 2011

Google Adsense for Mobile Applications is basically Google Ads SDKs for Android and iOS based applications. Developers can easily place adsense and doubleclick ads into their mobile apps directly via using this library provided by Google and can serve those ads based on certain factors and data such as user location, keywords, demographic data etc. all the three major ad formats i.e. text, image and video ads are supported including the JavaScript effects like expandable and collapsible on user interaction i.e WebView (Android), UIWebView (iOS).


Supported ad formats and sizes (Source: Google)

Ad Generator
Sizes (Width * Height)
text, image, text+image, audio+image (iOS Only)
320*50, 468*60 and 728*90 (iPad only), 300*250
text, image
320*50 (default), flexible size
Expandable rich media ads (non-Flash, AdSense only)
Text => static, Text => dynamic, Text => video still=> youtube video
320*300 (expanded), 320*50 and 300*250 (Both Unexpanded)
Source: Google

Google says: You need one adsense account for getting 'client ID' (little bit Different from the one that we use for displaying Google ads on web) in order to display mobile ads in your applications and your application must be registered into Google APP Manager. You can also track statistics by creating a channel in your adsense account for a particular applications.

Official WebPage of Google Ads for Mobile Application



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