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Google Buys a Drone Company, While Amazon Tests Drone Delivery

Updated on September 6, 2014

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air
Amazon Prime Air | Source

Google Outspends Facebook on Titan

Google has not publicly listed the price that it has acquired Titan Aerospace for. In March 2014, Facebook was negotiating to buy Titan Aerospace for $60 million. Google obviously offered more, and successfully acquired the company.

Geek Beat: Google's Project Loon

Quadrotor Drone

A quadrotor drone being controlled with hand gesture technology.
A quadrotor drone being controlled with hand gesture technology. | Source

Mayor Phil Steel on Drones

"I have declared the sovereignty and supremacy of the airspace of my town. This is an act of sedition, and I proudly state that."

-Phil Steel, Mayor of Deer Trail, CO

Tech Companies Are Wanting Drones

Google has bought Titan Aerospace for an unknown amount of money. Titan Aerospace makes aerial drones, and is located in Moriarty, New Mexico.

Facebook was interested in buying Titan Aerospace, but after failed negotiations, they decided to go with a competitor, and bought Ascenta in the UK.

Google's Project Loon

Google has already shared that its Project Loon has successfully had one of its atmospheric balloons circle the world in 22 days. The balloon carried a wireless internet router, to test the viability of delivering internet to remote locations.

Google's Noble Drone Ambitions

Google believes that they can develop technology that allow drones to deliver internet to people in remote locations around the globe. In addition to that, they believe they can use their global surveillance to fight environmental issues, such as deforestation. Their goals sound noble, but does anyone see how this technology could be used to further take away from individual's right to privacy?

Amazon is Still Testing Drone Delivery

In December 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos first announced that he would like to deliver Amazon goods to customers via drones. The internet was abuzz with this story, because people wanted to know if this was some sort of publicity stunt. Jeff Bezos is now saying (April 2014) that they are on their 8th generation of aerial vehicle testing. In other words, his drone delivery promise was not a joke.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has restricted these delivery drones to weigh under 25 lbs., must fly under 400 ft., and has to stay in the pilot's line of sight. The last restriction may prove challenging for Amazon drones to deliver packages within 10 miles of their distribution center.

Drones Are Not Welcome in Deer Trail, CO

Perhaps this invasion of privacy is why the mayor of Deer Trail, Colorado is against drones. He has publicly dared unmanned aircraft operators to fly over their town. Any drones that fly over have declared "war" on the town, and licensed drone hunters may engage.

The only exceptions:

  • If your life is not in danger, you can only fire three shots at a drone.
  • You may only shoot at a drone that is flying below 1,000 ft.

The Future is Filled with Drones

Drones are becoming a reality as technology improves.

Should we be afraid that our privacy is being invaded?

In the fictional movie, Terminator, technology grew to the point that drones and robots were giving artificial intelligence. Then, the technology was given free control to make decisions. Then, the technology turned on the humans.

Could fiction be a real predictor of where technology is going?

Terminator Movie Quote

Quote from Terminator
Quote from Terminator | Source

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