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Google Chrome Extensions

Updated on February 7, 2010

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Addons give new functionality to one of the leading internet browsers.
Google Chrome Addons give new functionality to one of the leading internet browsers.

Introduction to Google Chrome Extensions

Most of us have used the fantastic clean and simple Google Chrome web browser. Despite its brilliant design, Google Chrome misses a few essential components which made Firefox a success. A year after Chromes release, Google has released Google Chrome Extensions which are designed to give unlimited functionality to the Google Chrome browser, in a similar way to Firefox extensions..

The release of Google Chrome Extensiosn has been long awaited, allowing users to finally include Google Translate, SEO Tools, Mail Checkers, Session Saves, AdBlock and more in to Google Chrome.

With Chrome Extensions you can literally do anything with your Google Chrome browser. This is great news, especially for people like myself, who Love Google Chrome, but were forced to rely on the functionality of Firefox.

Why you Should Download Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions help change Google Chrome from a simple web browser, in to a more flexible and functional tool. Whereas before, chrome could perform only the most basic of web browser functions, Chrome extensions give your browser a whole new range of possible uses.

For many people the release of Google Chrome was tarred, since it did not include items such as the Google Toolbar, or an AdBlock extension. The release of Google Chrome Extensions fixes all these problems and more, with an infinite number of Chrome Extension possibilities!

So Where can I Download Google Chrome Extensions?

You can download Google Chrome Extensions directly from their website here, but you might want to save time browsing through hundreds of google extensions when you can read out best Chrome addons list and our Best Google Extensions list!


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    • K Partin profile image

      K Partin 7 years ago from Garden City, Michigan

      Big fan of Google chrome, and with the extension even more so. Thanks for sharing. K.