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Google Chrome Updated some cool feature

Updated on October 1, 2013

The World's Number 1 browser Google Chrome is updating it's browser frequently and recently they updated the browser which has some cool features. It has comlpletely made changes to it's new tab interface.Let's get into the features of new Google Chrome Browser in detail.

Check Google Chrome Version

Before that, check the version of the Google Chrome you have. You can easily check the version of the Google Chrome browser. Just follow the steps below on how to check the Google Chrome Version

1) Click on the Settings tab on the top Right.

2) You will have various options to choose from.

3) Click " About Google Chrome ".

4) Now it will open a new tab and display the Chrome Version.

5) As on 1st October 2013 the version of Google Chrome is 29.0.1547.76 m

6) Below that make sure that you can see " Google Chrome is up to date."

Now we will look at the new features that has been added to the Google Chrome.

New Google Chrome update features

1) New Interface :

The latest update has made changes to it's new tab interface. It has added so many useful options. And most importantly you get a simplified new tab interface. Though there are some reviews which reveals that most users doesn't like this feature. But I like this feature a lot. It simplifies everything.

This new interface has so many useful options ( as I already said ) but still some user may get confusion when he uses it for the first time. So he may start thinking of changing back to the old New Tab page Interface. But after getting used to this, user may feel comfortable.

We will see the features that has been added in new tab in detail.

Google Search Bar

Yes. This is one of the best feature that has been added in the new updated version of Google Chrome. You will see the Google Search Bar when you open the new tab. In the previous version of Google Chrome, when you open a new tab you will see only the websites which been most visited. But now you will see the Google Search Bar along with the Google Logo and also the most visited webpages below that. So you can either search Google or select the webpages from the list being displayed below that search bar. You will see 8 webpages that you have visited most.

Quick access to Google plus,Gmail

You can access to Google Plus and Gmail right from your new tab feature. You can find it at the top right corner below your Bookmark tab. You can access to Google PLus, Gmail and Google images staright away. If you want to access other services of Google apart from these three services,then you just click the Icon tab near the Images link.You will get various services.

1) Google Plus

2) Google Search

3) Youtube

4) Google Maps

5) Google Play

6) Google News

7) Gmail

8) Google Drive

9) Google Calender.

Below that you will have more option. If you click it you will get

10) Google Translate

11) Google Books

12) Blogger

13) Photos.

If you are searching for other services from Google apart from the services listed above, then click more from Google. You will be taken to a page where you can see various services from Google.

Recently closed Tabs in new Google Chrome updated version

This is a big change in the updated version of Google Chrome. Yes. You will not see the recently closed tab in this updated version. But in the old version you will this option right below. You won't see this option now.Don't worry. The steps below will help you on how to access recently closed tabs in updated version of Google Chrome.

1) Click on the settings icon in the top right corner. ( Same icon you clicked for checking the Chrome version as stated above )

2) Now click recently closed tab. It displays recent tabs that has been closed.

Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode

With the same settings option, you can relaunch the browser in windows 8 mode. Similarly you can change to desktop mode if you want. This has been added feature to the Chrome Browser.

Google Apps Chrome Store

In the older version you can access Chrome store apps by click the arrow which is at the right side of the tab. But now you won't see that option. Then your question is How to access chrome store apps. You can do it simply by clicking the apps icons which is the left top corner exactly present in the bookmark bar. If you click it you will be taken to the app page where you can see the various apps that you have installed.

Finally my review on this updated Chrome version is that you can get access to various options in a single page. To put it in a single word it is more Unified. Share your views on this updated Chrome Version.

Bring back old Chrome Tab Page : How to

If you don't like the updated Google Chrome version and if you wish to get back to the old new tab page, you change to that option.

1) Type chrome://flags in thge address bar..( You will see warning message. Read that before making changes)

2) Now scroll down to the Enable Instant Extended API.

3) Change it to Disabled.

4) Now restart your Chrome Browser.


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    • mgeorge1050 profile image

      Alan 4 years ago from West Georgia

      I love google chrome, but I sure do miss the scroll arrows. Is there any way to get these back, I am lost without them.