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Google Chrome: Why is it the best browser?

Updated on July 9, 2012

We all use Internet daily, and for browsing the Internet, we use a software called Web Browser, commonly called Browser. A browser is an application software that lets the user to explore and browse the Internet. There are many browsers, but, only the good ones are known all over the world. Some of the good browsers are: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, NetScape Navigator, Opera, and Google Chrome (Chrome, only can be used).

I use 3 browsers; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. All of them are free to use. I have updated all the browsers to the latest versions. I use Google Chrome the most frequently. In this hub, I am going to say why Google Chrome is the best browser for me, and for many other Google Chrome fans.

Google Chrome's Window
Google Chrome's Window

Google Chrome was released on September 2, 2008. Only 3 and a half year have passed, and it has reached to the list of top 10 browsers of all time. Chrome is very easy to use. You can go here to download and install Chrome manually:

Google Chrome: Features

There are many good and cool features of Google Chrome. Some are:

1. The Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome has its own Task Manager, and you can access it by Right Clicking on its Title Bar and selecting “Task Manager” (shortcut: Shift + Esc). It helps you to know the stats about the tabs you have opened. You can access to more info about those tabs by clicking on “Stats for Nerds”.

2. Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome has its own Virtual Store where you can download everything for free. It has many themes, wallpapers, apps, extensions and games for Chrome. It has advanced apps such as Online MP3 Editor, Online Photo Editor, Notes Maker, etc.

3. Easy Interface

I think Chrome is the only browser to have so simple interface. There are no Menu Bar and Toolbar, and this makes it the simplest browser ever made. Its default layout is of blue color, and you can easily open new tabs.

4. Pin Tab

Many Chrome Users have not noticed this feature/option found in Google Chrome. Have you ever tried Right Clicking a tab? If you do, you will find some new options such as Pin Tab, Reopen Closed Tab and Bookmark All Tabs. The Pin Tab removes the heading of that web-page and makes the tab’s length very small. It gets stick to the left most part, and the sequence goes on if you pin other tabs. Also, the tabs you pin always open whenever you use Google Chrome or restart it. You can unpin it by Right Clicking on the respective tab and clicking on “Unpin Tab”.

Note: You cannot drag the pinned tabs and move them in between other tabs.

These features are not found in any other browser. I recommend you to immediately download Google Chrome! East or west, Google Chrome is the best!


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    • ronny2005 profile image

      ronny2005 3 years ago from HubPages

      Thanks, prairieprincess! It's a better choice than bookmarking when something is very important and you would want to check it later on.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 3 years ago from Canada

      Nice hub about Chrome. I usually use Chrome, too, but I forgot about the pin feature! I used to use it a lot but forgot. Great hub!

    • ronny2005 profile image

      ronny2005 5 years ago from HubPages

      Google Chrome has maintained its simplicity. The major reason why people hate Internet Explorer is that it seems too complex and slow running. I agree with your point too. I have not updated IE since years. Chrome updates itself. Thank you for reading.

    • profile image

      Rev3rse 5 years ago

      I like the way Google chrome updates itself automatically, if every browser does that(e.g. Internet Explorer) the web will be much better place.

      You might ask why?

      Because Many developers are trying to stay compatible with the ancient browsers(IE6, IE7, etc) and try not to use new features in the new technologies(e.g. HTML5 tags).

    • ronny2005 profile image

      ronny2005 6 years ago from HubPages

      Thank you, Curiad!

    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 6 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      Interesting Hub Ronny, I use Chrome also and love it.

    • ronny2005 profile image

      ronny2005 6 years ago from HubPages

      Yes, the latest version, 18.0.01 Beta (or something), has come up with some new features! You can download it from a trusted site, or wait for Google to launch it officially.

    • desertlab profile image

      desertlab 6 years ago

      I certainly agree..Google chrome is the best!