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What is a Google Doodle?

Updated on July 31, 2019

Google Doodles, Here You Know Why?

I don’t know about you, but seeing a doodle is the nicest thing to kickstart my day. The personalized creativity just amazes with the ingenuity of the creators and nurtures interests in distinguished personalities and events.

A Google doodle is exclusive to celebrate country-specific and global holidays, events, achievements and people. Erstwhile Google doodle was just a spur of the moment idea by the founders. Today, a doodle can be anything from scientific discovery to Independence Day. The company is receiving tremendous ideas every day to bring a little smile to the people, across the globe.

And, you must have noticed that the doodle occasionally changes to honour the monumental occasions by staying true to the colours and characters of their signature logo. The engineers, illustrators and creative minds behind the interactive doodles are called doodlers.

Now if you’re tinkering with the questions like how it started or why is it happening? Don’t worry, we have got each query covered, here.

A Quick Glimpse of History of Doodling

Surprisingly, the very first doodle was curated back in 1998, when the founders were out on a “Burning Man” music festival spree, so they wanted to let their users know that they’re out of office. The next doodle was created by an intern in 2000 to celebrate Bastille Day and it was a huge hit. Since then it’s a trend and the team aim to create at least 400 doodles a year.

And, for the matter of fact, doodles are so significant to Google that they’re patent. Yes, that’s a lot of effort, now the question arises why are these so important?

Because of course, doodles are CONTENT, and it is truly said content is the king. Certainly, with google, at least. Doodles are rich, quirky and interactive content that has a huge impact and makes it all the worth to invest time and money in them.

Doodles Brand Builds Google, Glocally

Doodles are a great way to deliver a brand message with a holistic approach. They show the human side of Google. They are the visual representation to educate users with a piece of information they didn’t know and creating an impact that Google is less significant than the demonstrated information.

Google perhaps is the world’s largest search engine. It serves as the massive gateway to the world’s knowledge and information. Doodles usually schools’ people about the events and information that they don’t have any idea about.

There’s a vital paradox Google battles with. Users need to trust them for relevant, unbiased information and to build that trust stronger, Google tends to produce country-specific content to connect with the user glocally (global locally). The glocal approach stimulates the user about the country-specific information as it will be closer and more relevant to them. As the technology is advancing, the search engine giant just aims at making an impression that there is always a human behind the machine, who knows what connects and interests you the most. Thus, Doodles does the right for them.


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