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Google Glasses – Too Ambitious a Project?

Updated on December 23, 2015

Google has come up with its latest innovation – Google Glasses. Though still in the testing stage, these hi-tech glasses have caught the fancy of many a tech freaks. Loaded with the latest technologies, Google glasses take augmented reality to a whole new level.

Taking a look at the pictures of these glasses released by Google, one can see a silver-colored band that wraps around the forehead and nose pads that make sure the specs stay in place. A small band over the right eye has a tiny view finder. These glasses look as if they have been taken out of a sci-fi movie. As these glasses don’t really cover the eye, the term “glasses” may sound as an anomaly to some.

So, what does this latest innovation do? It displays Google maps, lets you click photographs, gives you directions to a chosen destination, and even lets you video chat with your friend. You can also start and stop your music player using voice commands. The built-in camera lets you shoot pictures with ease.

It has been designed based on the concept that people look straight while walking, and when they check their Smart Phone, they will probably be looking down, which could lead to accidents. So, they believe that this mode of web browsing may be safer than your phone. But whether this concept will work out practically remains to be seen.

Is Google Glasses going to go places or is it going to create numerous other problems is something that only time will tell.


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    • Hema Gangadharan profile image

      Hemalatha 6 years ago from India

      :-)Yes, Raj, Lets hope they hit the streets soon!

    • profile image

      rAj 6 years ago

      yAyyyyYYY!!!!!! it'd be supercool.... i always wanted to have one of those as a kid....