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Google Moderator API / APPS

Updated on November 10, 2011

In this article, I'm going to publish details about another API of Google products i.e Google Moderator API for to increase awareness among developers to build applications using it. Google provided/released this formal API after the huge interests shown and on getting lot of requests by users of its Google Moderator product. Google Moderator is a tool for collecting ideas, questions, and recommendations from audiences of any size without any limits and you can access, update plus participate in this tool in programmatic way via using it's API (Google Moderator API). The word 'API' stands for Application Programming Interface and is clearly speaking its purpose and meaning by it's name.

You can Learn more about Google Moderator by visiting the URL Shown below


Basic Requirements before Proceeding towards next Step

  1. Google Account,
  2. Knowledge of mechanism and concepts about 'How Google Moderator Works',
  3. API Keys - Which can be obtained by visiting this Web Address

Presently, the default limit in Moderator API is 1,000,000 queries/day and I don't think anyone needs more than this, Specially, My Article readers are little bit confused by this number.

A real Webpage Example of Google Moderator


Work that can be done via Google Moderator API

  1. Discover - It Means you can fetch data for purposes like 'Retrieving Topics in a series', 'Retrieving Submissions from a particular topi or series' plus you can track the status of votes.
  2. Create - You can participate via creating new topics, submissions, series.
  3. Vote - You can allow authenticated users to vote on submission and can detect their voting behaviors in series.
  4. Update - You can Update series owned by current user and can permit others to update their vote.

Official Google Moderator API Page for Practical related queries


Supported Data Transfer Format

  • JSON -JavaScript Object Notation, You can learn more about it on wikipedia


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