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Google Nexus 7 Review: me and my Nexus

Updated on December 26, 2013

What is the Google Nexus?

The Google Nexus is an electronic tablet powered by the newest android operating system. It has a fast quad-core processor, HD graphics, built-in camera, long battery life, and a broad range of customizable opportunities thanks to the easy programmability of the operating software. In comparison to an Apple Ipad, they are like the same thing in different boxes (and with different nerd language!). But, one thing is quite contradictory in the comparison: the nexus is 1/4th the price!

What I expected from the Nexus 7

When I first got my Nexus and when I anticipated getting it, I pictured what it could do for me. I wanted something more convenient than my laptop, that would go to school easily with me. Also, I wanted something to watch movies with comfortably at night. But, what I ended up getting was much more than that.

The Netflix Menu on the Nexus 7

My favorite uses of the Google Nexus 7

My Google Nexus 7 gets used literally every day. From one thing to another, here is how I use it the most!

  1. Watching Netflix. No matter where I am, I can watch Netflix in HD! I've grown to really enjoy watching my favorite tv series and movies right before bed, and then when I get tired, simply putting it to the side like a book!
  2. Browsing the web. The Nexus comes with Google Chrome pre installed, and really brings an enjoyable internet experience. It's just like a computer, except miniaturized conveniently for your hands. If you are scared of it being like a smartphones internet, don't worry.
  3. College Textbooks. Its awesome being able to carry all of your textbooks right in your tiny nexus 7. With built in menu directories, I can get to the exact chapter and unit I need, when I need it.

Unexpected benefits of the Nexus 7

Here are a few extra benefits of the Google nexus 7 that I didn't anticipate.

  1. Free Games. There are thousands of games available for the nexus 7. And, thanks to its HD graphics and Quad-core processor, it can handle anything you throw at it! This can be a handheld gaming machine if you want it to be!
  2. GPS. Yes, your Google nexus 7 can be a global positioning device and offer you directions.
  3. YouTube. I have become very fond of listening to music mixes via YouTube where ever I am, thanks to the Nexus 7.
  4. Interesting Apps. The nexus 7 gives you access to the android market, from there you can find countless free apps!

Would you use a Google Nexus 7?

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Unfortunately Broken Nexus 7's

This troubled Nexus 7's bad owner dropped it, onto cement, from a moving car.
This troubled Nexus 7's bad owner dropped it, onto cement, from a moving car.
This Nexus was stepped on very hard.
This Nexus was stepped on very hard.
This nexus was in an abusive relationship with its owner.
This nexus was in an abusive relationship with its owner.

Treat Your Google Nexus 7 with Care

I have found that my Nexus 7 holds up very good with all the abuse that comes with constant use, transport in a backpack full of textbooks, being thrown into my sports car trunk for bouncy fast and furious style drives to and from where I need to go. Even after all of this wear and tear for well over a year, my screen is not damaged or even scratched.

However, I would recommend that you take care when charging your nexus 7. For quite a while, I would plug my nexus 7 in to charge at night while I watched Netflix. There is no harm in that, however the distance from myself to the outlet was far which produced tension in the power cord. Over a few months, this has bent my Nexus 7's charging port slightly, so now I am very careful when doing this.

For the average person, it should be no problem; especially if you have an outlet or extension cord nearby!

Is the Google Nexus 7 Worth it

For myself, the Nexus 7 has been worth it and more. From my perspective, I was tired of toting around laptops, depending on slow smartphones, as well as simply waiting to access the information, communication, and entertainment I wanted. After getting a nexus, all of that is now at my fingertips whenever I need it, and blazing fast. If you are stuck between deciding which tablet to get, I can help you out and recommend the Nexus 7. But if you are deciding if you really need a tablet at all, then I recommend that you write a pros and cons list, as well as keep track of when a tablet would have come in conveniently over the course of an average week for you. I wish you the best!


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