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Google PageRank Secrets

Updated on February 4, 2014
PageRank is a Google's trademark, defines the popularity of a webpage in terms of Google technology.
PageRank is a Google's trademark, defines the popularity of a webpage in terms of Google technology.

What is page rank?

In terms of Google, there are thousands of website with same keywords which have good and rich contents in the web. When someone search for a website in Google, Google determines the serial of the website to show in search results according to the rank of the websites. The webpages that have higher rank get priority in search results.

Example: Suppose, and have the same contents for the keyword 'SEO'.

If some one search for SEO, Google will show the result as as first position and the as second if the rank of the is higher than

How does Google calculate page rank?

Suppose, and have the same contents and age of the website. How does Google compare the rank of these two website? Google says, if a website is more popular to visitors than the other, the rank of the first website will be considered as higher than the last.

How Google determines the popularity of a website?

According to Google technology, a website which has more back links than the other, the page rank of the website will also be higher than the website that has less back links.

Example: Suppose has 20,000,000 back links, and has 12,000,000 back links. According to Google , is more popular than is more popular than, in this circumstances. For this reason the pagerank of the will be higher than

In short, the more back links, higher the page rank.

backlinks ↑+contents↑ →pagerank↑↑

backlinks ↑+contents↓ →pagerank↑

backlinks ↓+contents↑ →pagerank↑

backlinks ↓+contents↓ →pagerank↓↓

Keyword positions in ranking

What should we do?

Engage full attempt to write high quality contents and get back links as much as possible.

To get more back links, we may submit our blogs or webpages to directory, search engines manually. We can the social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, tweeter, and other micro blog servers such as tumbler, type pad, LiveJournal to get more back links to our website. A good website to submit your website is Dmoz , free open directory project. is another good website to submit your blog. Technorati is is a blog search engine and directory. You can submit your website to 40 search engines free through addurl and or get free back links from It is hot now!.

There are many website and blogs give the opportunity to exchange links and banners. You can search Google by keyword "free back links" and get a large number of free back link providers.


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